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Shades Of Modern Luxury: Gold & Wood Eyewear

Paris-based Gold & Wood is yet another eyewear designer who creates high-end sunglasses and eyeglasses for the discerning luxury and design loving crowd. And, of course, a celeb clientele. Look out Luxuriator, you've got some serious competition.

Studded with genuine diamonds and/or gemstones and utilizing the finest materials such as platinum, 18k gold, horn, carbon fiber, titanium and exotic woods, their styles, craftsmanship and attention to detail is among the finest.

With many styles to choose from and different amounts of bling, their large range of bejeweled frames will leave you drooling.

But that's only one facet of their several collections. They have many lines and styles that include rimless, partial rim, sporty, oversized, colorful, monochrome, glam, subtle, not so subtle, modern, retro, wood and titanium, wood and carbon fiber and even more frames.

I'm going to share their newest and most drop dead styles with you, but be sure to visit their site when you're done reading this, because they have many other styles, too.

Starting at the tippy-top, the Prestige is their most expensive pair, with hand shaped horn temple stems, solid platinum accents and high quality diamond-studded temple hinges and bridge:

264 diamonds total
Carats: 2.59cts
Quality "brilliants" (round cut): GH/VVS
Quality "princess" (square cut): F/CLEAN

Made up of 253 brilliant cut diamonds and 11 princess cut ones, these bejeweled, platinum and horn rimless frames are said to have required all the considerable skill of a master jeweller in order to set the select stones with the greatest of care. And the price reflects it at $55,000.00 USD.

More images of The Prestige:

Obviously most can't afford the Prestige, but don't fret, they have other diamond studded frames in their Temptation and Bling-Bling collections. Some have yellow gold, white or rose gold temple stems with diamonds at both the temple hinge and the nose bridge and some just on the temple stems or hinges. Various colored shades and finely crafted horn or carbon fiber temple bars are also options. Take a look:

Bejeweled Eyewear










As if that weren't enough, they are equally adept with other materials. Their modern wood, titanium and/ or carbon fiber glasses are stylish but unique. Some styles mix organic materials and exotic woods with metals and/or colors, creating a huge range. Here are just some of them:

Wood Eyewear

In their own words:

At GOLD & Wood workshops, passion and time drive the hands of the artisans who craft each component, one by one, in the purest tradition of exclusive eyewear. Because everything here is handmade, it takes three days to craft a pair of temples of such remarkable quality. Taking the time to do it well: There lies the expression of the luxury.

Over the past few years, the artisans and designers at Gold & Wood creating ever-more successful models, slowly forging a different, exclusive and authentic collection. Their discreet and stylish looks, as well as the quality and nobility of the material used in Gold & Wood frames, give them their uniqueness. Such workmanship is guaranteed to excite the enthusiasm of buyers, connoisseurs and collectors everywhere.

Every set of frames bearing the Gold & Wood signature has received the most attentive care by our eyewear designers and craftsmen.

They are assembled and adjusted by hand then inspected and approved by an experienced controller. The tests performed on the frames – and particularly on the spring-hinges are a guarantee of workmanship and reliability.
See more styles at their site here.

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