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The following links have met certain criteria and have been chosen because their items or content are in keeping with what's 'hip'. You cannot 'buy' a link on my site. If you are interested in advertising on the blog, please contact me.

Tragically Hip links:
 Artisan and Indie shopping links:
 Affordably fun shopping links:
 Eco, green and sustainable links:
 Hip travel, venues and blogs:
 Hip cards, stationery and paper goods:
 Urban and street style links:
 Hip baby shopping links:
 Hip pet shopping links:
Hip fashion and apparel links:
 Hip toys & fun links:
 Hip textiles (from rugs to wallpaper):
 Hip ceramic and tableware links:
Collectible Vintage Shopping:
 Classic Modern Furniture and Design links:
 Wood, Wonderful Wood. Products & Design links:
 Luxury Brands & Shopping links:
 Diamond & Gold tech, mobile phone and gadget links:
Modern Outdoor Furniture links:
Hip Houses and Architecture for sale:
 Hip remodeling, home supplies and fixtures:
Hip fireplaces, radiators and heated towel racks:

I addition to the above links, I am a member of a social shopping network site named This Next. I have recommended approximately 5,000 items, broke into 40 lists on the site. Below are the links to most of those lists.

This Next List Links:

• Modern Aquariums and Fishtanks
• All Things Buddha
• Modern Cremation Urns & Reliquaries
• Damask items
• DIY items for frustrated artists
• Modern Dollhouses
• For Babies and Children
• If you're in love
• Great Geek Gifts
• Graffiti-inspired items of all kinds
• Gun-shaped and pistol-inspired items
• Jewelry
• Earth-friendly products
• Hedgehog-inspired stuff
• Hip holiday decor
• For Pets
• LEGO and LEGO-like Items
• Lights and lighting
• Military-inspired items
• Modern Menorahs
• Mondrian-inspired items
• Alvar Aalto's Savoy vase-inspired items
• Outdoor and sports items
• Radiators, Candles, Heated Towel Racks... Whatever warms you up.

• Modern Piggy Banks, Money Boxes, Coin Keepers
• Fancy flooring and radical rugs
• Skulls, skulls and more skulls
• Tableware and Dishes
• Tattoo-inspired items
• Technology, gadgets and electronics
• Things that "Glow"
• Wonderful Wood Items & Decor
• Wallpapers, Wall coverings, Wall Hooks and Wall Art
• Obscenely Decadent Items

More Links: Art and Design resources, supplies, fonts, fine art galleries, fine artists, limited edition publications, magazines and more can be found here.

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