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REVO LA: Art Show Benefits School In West Papua, Indonesia

REVO LA ia an upcoming art exhibit featuring lots of various artworks and photography by such artists as Audrey Kawasaki, Shepard Fairey, and Mr. Brainwash. What makes this event unique is that seeks to raise Funds & Awareness for 'Sekolah Dasar Balem Wamena' – a non-profit foundational school impacting the future of West Papua in Indonesia.


Some of the participating artists (names and credits underneath the artwork):

Aaron Kraten +


Allison Torneros +


Audrey Kawasaki +


Ekundayo +


Jeff Felker +


Joshua Clay +

Kelli Murray +


Sean Woolsey +

Travis Bailey +



Destin Daniel Cretton +


Giles Timms +
Olivia Silver +


Brett Gaylor +





Erika Simmons +




Brett Whatmough +


Chuck Anderson +

OBEY (Shepard Fairey) +


Pope Saint Victor +  


Rony's photo booth +


Christian Rios +

Jeremy Cowart +


Jorge Peniche +

Nina Brav +


Trey Ratcliff +  

Christel Sayegh / James Dellemonico +  

Acrylick + Glue Network + Nika Water + Pepsi + Sobe + ShutterBooth  

What is REVO?


REVO is a movement rooted in the concept of LOVE. We seek to think beyond ourselves, while redefining our modern conception of necessity. REVO is an idea in motion. A way of living. A noun. A VERB. Essentially, REVO thrives on the idea that ONE person is all it takes to trigger a domino effect of positive change. REVO is NOT a cause in and of itself. Rather, REVO exists to motivate and mobilize everyday people into taking REAL, creative steps toward relieving, restoring, and bringing HOPE to others in desperate need of compassion and grace. There are a lot of noteworthy organizations out there doing great work already. REVO simply helps these organizations to keep doing what they've been doing.  

What is the goal of REVO LA?


Our goal at this time is to put on an art show this Spring (2009) that will heighten awareness of West Papua, Indonesia's broken school system. The money raised by this event will help fund "Sekolah Dasar Balem Wamena" (SDBW), a model school, which has recently become a light of HOPE in the corrupt regions of West Papua. Through REVO LA, SDBW will be able to offer these children much better learning material, as well as provide them with larger teaching grounds, so even more students can attend. Most of all, with SDBW in place, students are less likely to fall into the hands of abusive teachers (for more information on this current atrocity, be sure to read our cause page).  

How does REVO help others? The way REVO has been carried out thus far is through citywide events (i.e. art shows, fashion shows, benefit concerts, etc) with a THREE-PART PURPOSE: * » Heighten awareness about various forms of social injustice. * » Raise funds for organizations that are already set in place. * » Provide an opportunity for communities to come together for a purpose much greater than themselves.

A little history: It all started a couple of years ago when Nina Brav found out that her friend, Kristie, was supporting an orphanage in Malawi with her own paycheck. Inspired to help her, Nina organized an art show to raise funds for them. It was at that art show that Nina was approached by two people from Tennessee and Louisiana. They wanted to know what they could do in their hometowns to help the causes that were important to them. And in that moment, the idea for REVO was born. Everyone is a revolutionary. Everyone is able to make a difference. Choose a cause that you are passionate about and start your very own revolution. Since that first art show, REVO has spread to fifteen states and five countries. It won the MySpace Impact Awards in 2008. Over one hundred thousand dollars has been raised in two years for causes including the Grace of God Orphanage, Blood Water Mission, Invisible Children, Not For Sale Campaign, Mocha Club and Stop the Traffik.


WEBSITE: WHERE: UCLA ACKERMAN GRAND BALLROOM 308 Westwood Plaza // Los Angeles, CA 90024 WHEN: Sunday // Oct. 4, 2009 // 7:00PM ENTRANCE: $10 If you'd like to help out with REVO Los Angeles be sure to email them at

Lilly Allen & Karl Lagerfeld Introduce The CHANEL COCO COCOON Collection

For Fall Winter 2009/10, CHANEL is introducing the COCO COCOON COLLECTION, a new line of casual sleek handbags and accessories in washed lambskin or nylon. Reversible tote bags and handbags, that when turned inside out reveal the signature quilted CHANEL pattern. The line also includes some fabulous travel bags.

Karl Lagerfeld chose and shot the adorable Lilly Allen to launch the campaign and although the collection is not yet in stores, I've got the the bags, the ads and some behind the scene shots for you.

above: British singer Lilly Allen is Karl's latest muse for this launch, whom he says 'looks a lot like Gabrielle Chanel'

The handbags:

A video of the reversible handbag for you:

Small Leather Goods:

Travel bags:

The Ads:

"Behind the Scenes" at the shoot:

The CHANEL COCO COCOON Collection launches October 3rd.
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