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PRVCY PREMIUM: A Bangin' Booty Can Help Save Breasts

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, so it's even more fitting (pardon the pun) for me to introduce you this fiercely fashionable brand.

PRVCY PREMIUM is a collection of high-end jeans for men and women that bear a signature trio of lines on the back pockets deemed the "lifeline' design. Aside from flattering both the butts of men and women (and many a hot celeb), the back pocket stitching represents the inspiration and cause behind the collection; support for the cure, research and awareness of breast cancer.

The lifeline design is inspired by the leap of faith Carolyn Jones, CEO and Founder, experienced during the last days of her mother, Mrs. Jean James’ life. Mrs. James, who battled with breast cancer, gave her daughter the inspiration to leave her corporate occupation and embark on a journey to find what would give her true happiness. In homage to her mother, Carolyn Jones created the name PRVCY (pronounced Privacy) as her brand name after learning of her mother’s longing for more privacy from her hospital gown.

According to the company CEO, the three threaded “lifeline” design tells the story of complacency in her own professional life to the tragic loss of her mother, only to triumph in a fulfilling career after taking her mother’s advice to strive for passion in her work.

Her passion is evident in the well-made, fiercely fashionable upscale denim line for both men and women. Up to 10% of ALL sales of the PRVCY line go toward breast cancer awareness and free mammogram programs. The company has thus far donated thousands of dollars to fund and provide free mammograms to women across the United States and will continue to do so.

Now that you can appreciate what the company does for breasts, take a look at what their jeans do for your butt. Despite the signature pattern on the back pocket, they have tons of styles and variations in the dyes, colors, stitching, cut and fit. Some have buttons, some are more embellished and they even have a denim skirt and shorts in addition to the jeans.

For women:

For the men:



To see a bunch of very A-list celebrities wearing PRVCY, some wonderful videos, the complete collection and where to buy, visit PRVCY PREMIUM here.

Note that they have another collection as well; Privacy Wear is a more affordable collection, whose partial proceeds also go toward funding mammograms and breast cancer research. This collection includes t-shirts, jean jackets, handbags and sells breast cancer awareness books and online donations.

Shop both collections, Privacy Wear and PRVCY PREMIUM here.

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