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Art Assault. 23 Artists Transform Decommissioned AK-47 Rifles In The Name Of Peace. ALL The Pieces From The AKA Peace Exhibition.

The most celebrated names in Contemporary Art united for Peace One Day, to react against the horror of violence globally, with ‘AKA Peace’.

Creating brand new works for a blockbuster autumn exhibition, curated by Jake Chapman in collaboration with non-profit organization Peace One Day, these artists have each reinterpreted an AK-47 assault rifle – the most recognizable and devastating worldwide killing machine – as arresting artworks of intrigue and even beauty; recasting a weapon of devastation as a conduit to peace.

Below are images of all the pieces:

Jake and Dinos Chapman:

Damien Hirst:


Antony Gormley:

Sam Taylor Wood:


Gavin Turk:

Solange Azagury-Partridge:


Rebecca Warren:

Stuart Semple (aka NIMROD):

Tim Noble and Sue Webster:


Douglas Gordon:

Jeremy Deller:

Marc Quinn:

Ryan Gander:

Jim Lambie:

Langlands & Bell:

Mat Collishaw:

Harland Miller:


Bran Symondson:


Sarah Lucas:

Charming Baker:

Antony Micallef:

Nancy Fouts:


Laila Shawa:


Here are a few beautiful portraits of the artists by Bran Symondson for his Cease Fire Magazine photo essay on the project:

Charming Baker:

Jake Chapman:

Tim Noble and Sue Webster:

Solange Azagury-Partridge:

Antony Micallef:

see more here

The AKA Peace Trailer:

The exhibition, originally conceived by photographer Bran Symondson and now curated by artist Jake Chapman, coincided with Peace Day, Friday 21 September 2012 and will raise awareness of Peace Day and raise funds for Peace One Day’s Global Truce 2013 campaign.

Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day said, “AKA Peace is a really profound project; turning a weapon of destruction into a weapon of peace is awesome. The benefits of awareness and finance to help Global Truce 2013 is a great outcome. I’m grateful to Bran for having a wonderful idea and it’s an honour to have Jake Chapman curate the project.” Peace Day 2012 will be marked by the Peace One Day Concert, at Wembley Arena in London. Headlining the concert will be Elton John, alongside James Morrison and 2Cellos.

The ICA exhibition of AKA Peace runs from 26 until 30 September at the Institute of Contemporary Art before the pieces are auctioned at Phillips de Pury & Company on 4th October to raise funds and awareness for Peace One Day and Global Truce 2013.

For more information please visit:

Bran Symondson took the majority of the photos shown in this post. The Damien Hirst image is courtesy of Damien Hirst, The Jim Lambie image is courtesy of Ruth Clark via Phillips de Pury. Other images courtesy of Peace One Day.

Packaging Geography. Laser Carved Topographic State Magnets Are Beautifully Presented In Unique Package Design.

Mette Hornung Rankin of the Bureau of Betterment and Greg Jones of Fifty-Four Forty have collaborated on this set of laser cut topographic US State magnets and the prototype packaging for them. Set inside chipboard whose printed design mimics the surrounding area (and doubles as a display stand), each magnet-backed state carving is accompanied by a small folded two-sided pamphlet with facts and engravings.

Mette tells us of the inspiration and process behind this project and the prototype packaging:

"My dad was a geography teacher, so growing up in a small town in Central Oregon my family participated in the local radio station’s morning Geo Quiz with the 3 other families in town who were also partial to such shenanigans. Over the years of answering questions correctly I collected a world placemat, spin-top globe pencil, globe keychain, and numerous stickers and erasures.

While the days of the Madras Radio Geo Bee are long gone, I still have a fondness for geography related trivia. So when I met Greg Jones at an ADX Feedback Loop event where he presented an idea for a topographic series of state products, I was psyched to help him make it a reality.

After some talk, we decided to collaborate on packaging prototypes for a small batch of products he wanted to sell to gather interest in his idea: a set of magnetic-backed US states made out of laser cut wood that show the topography of America. AWESOME!!!

The packaging structure was inspired by the jig used to assemble each state. A piece of charcoal colored chipboard is sandwiched between layers of thick cardboard that mimic the topographic nature of the product. The front of the packaging is laser cut with the pattern of surrounding states while product information is shown on the back panel.

The product is easily nestled into its’ own shape with a small finger hole on the back to help pop it out for use. The packaging doubles as a free-standing display for the state.

To highlight each state’s unique attributes, a small pamphlet with state facts was created with images and notable geographic landmarks. The pamphlet folds in 3 each way and slides into a recessed slit on the back side of the packaging structure, making the product and packaging a fully integrated solution.

This project was in collaboration with Greg Jones from 54-40, logo design by Ashley Stevens, a designer I worked with previously while at Morrow McKenzie Design. ADX is a Portland-based community space for makers to use various large-scale equipment and resources to make their own products. ADX also hosts a variety of events and classes."

Images and information courtesy of the Bureau of Betterment

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