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Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Cuts Up Currency & Burns Tortillas

The last time I featured someone who defaced money in the name of art, Hanna Von Goeler, the post received numerous controversial comments. Well, get ready to start typing again, because this time, I'm sharing with you some seriously cut up currency by tattoo artist Scott Campbell.

Using imagery commonly associated with tattoos and the current trends like skulls, roses, religious icons, barbed wire, the Grim Reaper, swallows, swirls and hearts, Scott has adeptly carved out stacks of currency to create stunning monetary sculptures. Others have script phrases such as "Bros Before Hos" and "Thank You Jesus".

In April of 2009, Campbell held his first solo exhibition at O.H.W.O.W. (now defunct) to much critical acclaim. The show featured various pieces, only a few of which were the intricately cut stacks of bills. Other pieces include tortillas burnt in the likenesses of Jesus, Mary and Bart Simpson, c-prints of tattoos, carved book covers and more.

Whether or not you think it's illegal, the following works are beautiful and just one of Scott Campbell's many talents.




images courtesy of Scott Campbell and LaMJC and Supertouch art

At present he has show at the Lazarides Gallery in London. 'Almost Always There' will be on display from 1st October 2009 - 30th October 2009

Some other pieces from his solo shows:

C-prints of tattoos of various iconic figures wearing 3D glasses:

Burnt Tortillas:

above image courtesy of New York Times Magazine

In 2004, he opened Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Since then, it has grown to be the East Coast's premier tattoo shop with a devout following of celebrity clientele. Campbell has the taken the blue collar grit and lore of tattoo culture and extracted a visual language and wit that are supremely refined and deliberate. He has an uncanny ability to tell a story with any medium, flesh or otherwise.

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