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Latest Ghoulishness From Photographer Joshua Hoffine

Ah, it's that wonderfully creepy time of year again, All Hallow's Eve. Therefore it's time to bring you more gory creepy photography (and now jewelry, too) from the talented horror photographer Joshua Hoffine.

If you didn't see my post about his wonderful work and creepy photo prints for sale last year, you can, and should, read that here.

Here's a few more recent chill-raising images Joshua has added to his portfolio since last year.

New for 2009:
Lady Bathory


The Babysitter:


See these prints, purchase them and more here.

New jewelry
Joshua's wonderful photos are available for purchase as well as jewelry he has begun selling that incorporate some of his images into gothic pendants:

buy his jewelry here.

See more of Joshua's horror photography and learn about the process here.

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