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Regretsy: The Worst Of Etsy - Crafts Or Crap?

I've always had an aversion to the word 'crafts'. It makes me think of those heinous crocheted toilet paper roll covers or wooden Geese families for the front yard. And although I respect anyone who labors at creating a personal expression, it is true that some results are only good for a giggle. Which leads me to introduce you to a website named Regretsy.

I absolutely love that someone has done this. And am thrilled that it wasn't me.
The site "Regretsy" pokes fun at the well-known e-commerce site Etsy, which allows users to sell their handmade (and homemade) crafts, jewelry and art.

By scouring the of listings on etsy, and accepting submissions from readers, Regretsy manages to find and categorize some of the most god-awful ugly or just plain disturbing items available on the site (lots of genital-related art and items, too). And yes, they actually link to purchase the item if it is still available.

Above: a rusty cheese grater turned clock for sale on Etsy. Price? $28.00 (and no, you don't get the cigarette with it)

Their "disclaimer" says it all:

Don’t get us wrong. We like crafts.

We just don’t like these crafts.

Yes, we know these people put their hearts into it. We know it took hours and hours. We know how mean it is to laugh at their creations. And we regret being the only web site on the internet that makes fun of things.

But what can we do? We’re immature.

Besides, art is totally subjective. Who cares what we think? I barely care and I’m writing this.

Listen, if you like something you see here, don’t argue with us, go and buy it. Seriously. Click on any photo and you’ll be taken to the seller’s store*. We’re only too glad to have made the introduction.

Otherwise, we’re just going to sit here and look at the amputee kitten paintings and vulva earrings and laugh so hard that we pee in our reusable Pokemon pads.

- The Regretsy team

Below are some of their picks from categories whose names include "Dead Things" and "Pet Humiliation". Each item below is an actual listing from Etsy.

In addition to the present listings to laugh at, they have archives, so you can even mock what is no longer available on Etsy.
Visit Regretsy here.
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I do hope no one's feelings are sincerely hurt beyond repair regarding this post. It's my intention to make you laugh, not cry.

Special thanks to Scott Ivener for this gem of a find.

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