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Fashionably Dress Your Wounds With Leather Bandages

Scott Amron of Amron Experimental has come up with a chic and clever way to fashionably "dress your wound". The New York designer/artist and electrical engineer sells his "Hurt Couture" pressed black leather bandages 3 to a pack for $15. He claim that the leather actually breathes better. Not sure if that's true, but they certainly look better.

He intends to come out with some Louis Vuitton ones, too (shown above) but for legal reasons they are called Luis Vuitton bandages. Get on his mailing list for those here.

Interested in other types of luxury first aid?
• Swarovski studded bandages
• Alyssa Dee Kraus designs sterling silver and 18k gold band-aid jewelry
• Check out the sterling silver bandage rings by Michelle Lopez at Artware Editions.

5 Artists Design Helmets For Pirates Design

Thanks to via freshbump, I discovered this new wonderful line of artist designed helmets named Pirates Design. Olivier Maucorps, a motorcycle enthusiast, decided to start a new line of creative helmets with illustrator FAKIR, who designed one of the helmets as well as the company's logo. They then enlisted four other artists to design the following helmets:

Graphic artist, toy designer and illustrator FAKIR designed the logo as well the FAKIR Helmet:

French sculptor and toy designer Gaël Brienne (aka NANAN1) designed the following helmet:

French graphic design, illustration and toy design studio Grapheart, designed the following helmet:

French Graffiti and street artist Katre, designed the following helmet:

Freelance graphic designer Lady Shove (aka Julie Chauville)

The helmets are being exhibited at Star Motors in Paris from March 25- April 30th and can actually be purchased online.

Shop for the Pirates Design helmets here.

Transforming Modern Architect's Works Into 3D Typefaces

Designer Chris LaBrooy, inspired by his design heroes; architects Tadao Ando, Zaha Hadid, Toyo Ito, Oscar Niemeyer, Frank Gehry and designer Ettore Sottsass, has created 3D typography based on their works using computer rendering and illustration.

Tadao Ando 3D Type
Typography design based on the architecture of Tadao Ando. Chris chose his favourite Tadoa buildings as a basis for developing these expressive letter forms. Included are: Chikatsu Asuka historical museum / Water temple / Naoshima contemporary art museum annex:

Zaha Hadid 3D Type
Typography design based on the architecture of Zaha Hadid. With this piece, Chris focused on capturing Zaha's formal language rather than reference specific buildings because he claims to be interested in her drawings and paintings from the eighties.:

Oscar Niemeyer 3D Type
Typography design based on the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer. Chris picked his favourite Niemeyer buildings as a basis for developing these expressive letter forms. Included are : Cathedral of Brasília / Niterói Contemporary Art Museum / Ibirapuera Park theatre / Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

Toyo Ito 3d type
Letter forms inspired by Toyo Ito's impressive works. The combination of simple forms with inricate perforations is what excited Chris about Toyo's work. These letters are based on : TOD's omotesando / Tower of winds / Taichung opera house / Mikimoto department store:

Frank Gehry 3d Type
Typography design based on the architecture of Frank Gehry. Chris picked his favourite Gehry buildings as a basis for developing some expressive letter forms. Included are: Guggenheim Bilboa / Aerospace museum / Gehry house / experience music project / dancing house prague:

Although not an architect. Ettore Sottsass' memphis style designs inspired Chris to create a font.

Ettore Sottsass 3d Type
Letter forms inspired by Sottsass's early 80's furniture. This work is Chris' attempt to revisit the past, get inspired, and share with people new and interesting interpretations on familiar historical works:

His Helvetica 3D Type does the opposite of the above works. In this font, Chris has turned a typeface into architecture:

For Bauhaus, Chris took a design style and sensibility and also turned it into a 3d rendering of a building:

Also worth noting is his "Playful Type" made of sex toys:

See more of Chris LaBrooy's fabulous work here.

Via Architizer

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