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More Pantone Products! Folding Chairs, Storage Boxes, Friendship Bracelets...

The parade of Pantone® related and inspired products continues.
This is my fifth post on items that take their cue from the universal Pantone Matching System (known as PMS colors). The latest items include metal storage boxes and folding chairs.

Designed by Selab for Seletti, the aluminum folding chairs have padded seats and come in 672 C pastel pink, 186 C ruby red, 377 C macaw green, 14-0848 mimosa, 268 C royal purple and Cool Gray.

Pantone Metal Boxes

Learn more and where to purchase here.

Pantone Friendship Bracelets

Pantone also collaborated with Links of London to make Pantone friendship bracelets:

buy them here

And a few unusual Pantone inspired projects for you.

Pantone Printed Leather Chair

above image courtesy of hotelworldasia

This digitally printed leather chair by Sif Technology has a Pantone color spectrum as the pattern. Exhibited at NeoCon '09, the chair is not production (too bad!) but it was an example of their printing on leather capabilities.

above chair images courtesy of Home Workshop and 3 Rings

The Pantone Rainbow

And check out the Pantone rainbow made by artist Christopher Bevans here


And here's a last minute addition, graffiti artist Nico189 has created a personal project in which he took cans of spray paint and turned them into Pantone Cans. Unfortunately, they are not available for purchase:

To see tons more Pantone products, like eyeglasses, rugs, mugs and more, go here.

And there are more here.

Pantone products for the kitchen like aprons, hot pads and peppermills here.

And the Gap Pantone Pop Up Shop here.

Big Update: MUST SEE PANTONE Bikes!!!

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