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UPDATED: 45 New More Last Suppers for 2013. That's Now A Total of 105!

above: Last Supper Collage, 2013 by Akira Hashiguchi

For the past few years I have been sharing with you classic, modern, contemporary and pop culture versions of Leonardo Da Vinci's famous Last Supper painting.

Faith Off. Easter Vs. Passover by Jon Stewart.

As a parent of mixed faith children Jon Stewart thinks Passover celebrants have to take it up a notch to compete with the chocolate eggs and fake grass of Easter. Clearly, he is correct. And hilarious.

Pantone Bedding and Bath Collection For JC Penney

With nearly 50 years experience as the world’s color authority, Pantone is bringing insight and creativity into your home via jcp (formerly known as JC Penney).

The Sheet sets, duvets, lotion or soap dispensers, wastebaskets and toothbrush holders are available in Blue Aster, Emerald Green (Pantone's color of the year for 2013), Purple Magic and Tangerine Tango.

The Pantone bathroom towels and bath rugs are available in those same colors plus Aruba Blue, Hot Pink, Green Sheen and Macaw Green and Bright White.

Shower Curtains come in 6 variations, three tonal versions and three patterned versions:

Two types of throw Pantone pillows are available:

Shop the jcp Pantone Universe Collection here.

Photojournalist Takes A Look At The Big Picture And Decides To Change The World, One Condom At A Time.

L. was founded by Talia Frenkel, a photojournalist whose coverage of the effects of HIV/AIDS on women and girls inspired her into action.

above: Talia in Uganda

Talia Frenkel didn’t start out in the safe sex business. “I had worked extensively as a photographer for the Red Cross and documented humanitarian crisis around the world,” she says.

above: one of Talia's provocative images of the ravages of AIDS on women.

Taking photos of people suffering, especially women and girls, she was ”struck by the preventative nature of the AIDS epidemic.” Upon returning to Los Angeles, she found herself at a crossroads. After all the suffering she had witnessed, her challenge was to channel the frustration of those experiences ”in a productive way.”

After talking to friends and family about the lack of access to condoms abroad, and seeing the potential in the high-quality market at home, Frenkel started L., a premium condom company that operates on a one-for-one model. For every condom they sell in America, they donate one to the developing world. “It’s important to note that we didn’t just re-package an existing condom on the US market,” she says “we re-engineered a new condom for the modern consumer.” But while the premium latex, and sustainable packaging of L. condoms are sure to deliver piece of mind (amongst other things) they’re delivered to sub-saharan Africa through female entrepreneurs, and student education programs.

But L. doesn’t stop there – the company focuses on supporting women leaders as catalysts for change and development. At its core, L. is setting out to create a superior product that rests on three pillars: Sex, Cause and World.


above: photo by Talia Frenkel

L. has re-engineered the condom. From premium quality high-grade latex to formulating moisture-rich, female-friendly lubricants with out harmful additives, L. focuses on creating the most natural and pleasurable way to practice safe sex. L. condoms use purified latex so that theyare uniquely low in latex scent and are glycerin and paraben free. All condoms are individually electronically tested to exceed FDA and international standards.


Integral to L.’s inception and mission is to fight the international AIDS epidemic. In Africa, there are more deaths caused by AIDS than all the wars, famines, floods, and deadly diseases on the continent - combined. Increasingly, women and girls are the face of the epidemic as they are disproportionately affected at a young age. Condoms are the most effective technology in HIV prevention as well as a simple form of birth control that provide a greater quality of life. Still, 9 out of 10 countries in Africa go through regular condom stock outs that typically last 2 months or more. L. has set out to address this through a one for one consumer driven donation model.

One for one is only the beginning.
L. has been credited with re-inventing the model, dubbed 1 for 1 +, by focusing on building capacity of its partners and facilitating the creation of long-term distribution channels.

Currently, L. is partnered with Direct Relief International and working with female-run social enterprise programs. Similar to the recent trend in international focus on women from Nike’s Girl Effect to the Half the Sky Movement - L.’s programs focus particularly on women leaders as agents of progress.

L. takes measure to be as sustainable as possible, and beyond that, the company aims to be restorative and enriching. From sourcing raw materials local to their manufacturing facility to providing product in recycled packaging – L. strives to deliver thoughtfully-designed products that are compatible with the environment. Their condoms also only use sustainably tapped 100% natural latex and are Vegan- friendly.

above: photo by Talia Frenkel

L. draws a connection between developed and developing world women through unique marketing and the opportunity for daily actions to support women globally. “Sex is universal, but protection is not.” says founder Talia Frenkel, who started the venture out of frustration at the preventative nature of the epidemic. “A largely untapped resource in Africa, women have the unique abilities and skills to strengthen and lead the global response to AIDS.” The sleek design, product features and company mission sets the company apart as a bold option for the modern consumer. Uniquely, L. is focused on empowering a hugely under-represented market for condoms - women. “Birth control pills are a common site in a women’s purse, but condoms are not. Part of what L. is about is making condoms sexy.”

But more than just a product, L. is creating a movement by offering consumers an opportunity to create massive change through simple choices and actions within their everyday lives. If just one in 20 condom purchases were made with L., the HIV prevention needs of the three countries with the highest prevalence of AIDS could be met, averting countless new HIV transmissions and improving the quality of life for even more.

above: photo by Talia Frenkel

As part of this movement, L. is transforming consumers into advocates, giving them the opportunity to participate by hosting social events as well as wearing L. t-shirts and donning wristbands that show their support for women globally.

They re-thought condom package design - from the materials of the packaging to the shape itself - providing a sleek and sexy package that aligns with the modern consumer lifestyle. L. packages are thin and compact enough to carry with you and reseal if you desire.

L. condoms come in 100% recycled paper packaging printed with vegetable inks. The packaging reflects their passion for the aesthetic as well as their goal of minimizing materials while maximizing functionality. No cellophane or plastic is used in packaging. Directions for Use are printed on the inner walls of the box to save paper. The modern minimalist black and white design allows them to save on ink wastage and makes the end product easier to recycle. L. recycles all unused and excess rubber latex that is created in the manufacturing process. This natural rubber latex is sent to facilities that then re-use the material to make other rubber products, such as flip flops. Natural rubber latex products are eventually biodegradable.

To find out more, you can visit and find out how you can help. Whether it's by purchasing the well designed apparel or the beautifully packaged condoms or make an impact in these other ways.

Let My People Drink. Moses Kosher Vodka.

Since most Jews are in the midst of celebrating Passover this week, I thought it might be a good time to introduce you to Moses Vodkas. Pure in spirit and true to the laws of the Jewish faith, Moses Vodka is the first ultra premium vodka certified kosher all year round.

Moses Vodka is an award-winning "super premium" vodka that includes the extra feature of being certified Kashrut or kosher. Fortunately enough, a miracle wasn't needed to create Moses Vodka. Just the Prophet's name, pure spring water, the choice of the finest raw ingredients, a unique filtration process, and the blessing of a Rabbi to deliver you a kosher product of true perfection.

above: Moses Vodka is available as both a super premium pure Vodka and a Date flavored Vodka.

From Finland (yes, there are Jews in Finland), it is certified under the supervision of Rabbi Dr. Moshe Edelmann. The vodka itself is made from a base of sugarcane (a vodka rather than a rum because it will have been distilled up to at least 190 proof prior to bottling) and blended down with natural spring water.

Rabbi Yaakov Westheim supervises the distillation process, making sure sugarcane is transformed into pure spirit using methods and machinery compliant to kashrut laws.

Rabbis Benjamin Gruber and Moshe Edelman are responsible for the production process and the quality of ingredients.

This includes a careful selection of raw ingredients, cleaning the bottling line and mixing tanks with boiling water, the usage of single-use materials in the production process wherever possible, strict hygiene rules to follow by the personnel throughout manufacturing and packaging.

As an additional note, as is common with some European vodkas there is a sugar additive to the spirit--sometimes called "rounding the spirit"--which will upset some vodka purists. For others, this is adds a welcome and flavorful smoothness to the vodka.

The Moses Vodka Gift Box:

• 1 bottle of Moses Vodka (750ml)
• 1 bottle of Moses Date Vodka (750ml)
• 4 shot glasses

The Vodka has won several awards for both taste and packaging.

Silver - NYISC
Silver - Vodka Masters (design and packaging)
Silver - SFWSC
Silver - ISC
Gold - SIP Awards
MASTER - Vodka Masters

Some of their ads:

Moses Vodka can be purchased online at:
The Kosher Wine Company
Proof 66

To find other stores in various countries that carry Moses Vodkas, check here.

Moses Vodka

Domenico de Palo's Sexy Sliver of A Sink. The Silenzio For Antonio Lupi.

Silenzio is a Corian washbasin that is a sexy sliver of Industrial Design. The concept behind Silenzio is to offer only the functionality and sculptural mark of a washbasin, allowing it to be perfectly integrated into the wall, dominated by the atmospheric elements of cut and light.

The unmistakable signature of Domenico de Palo is even more evident in this washbasin which is able to blend into the surface onto which it is installed. Silenzio appears to come out of the wall, giving it a life and shape.

The Silenzio washbasin is realized in Corian and, after it has been positioned (with puttying and plastering), it can be painted just like the rest of the wall, so that it disappears into the same. Silenzio can be described as a “nude” washbasin to be dressed in clothing that can be changed and updated with different finishes.

Silenzio offers an unconventional reinterpretation of the bathroom. It is a fusion between a functional object of the past and a newly invented element of the present.

Antonio Lupi

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