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Fatboy Introduces Color Changing Chairs, A Lamp & Hot Water Bottle Pillow

Fatboy, whose products I have not been a huge fan of in the past ( see... "Fatboy. Great Furniture Or This Decade's Bean Bag Chairs?") have added some interesting designs to their products making them more appealing to me - and probably you.

Fatboy, if you don't already know, is the Dutch company that designs and sells colored and Marimekko covered bean bag items for adults, children and pets as well as hammocks and ottomans (or poufs as they've come to be called) that work indoors and out. They also sell bags.

At the 2009 Maison et Objet show they introduced some new items to their collection; the Djeksuns, the Edison Grand Lamp and the Desswerrum, a pillow that functions as a hot water bottle.

The new Fatboy Djeksun is made with an exclusive and stylish fabric that has the cool effect of changing color when your own bodyweight stretches the surface of the fabric.

Available in three styles, the bean bag chairs are hilariously named after members of the Jackson Family- a nod to their own 'color-changing' skin.

The LaToya:

The Janet:

The Michael:

Not yet available in their online store, they plan to start selling them in November. However, they are already available for purchase here.

Also a new addition to their line is Edison The Grand, a giant lamp:

With its oversized body this lamp displays a robust elegance even when unlit and it doesn't require a table to stand on to do so. This lamp stands perfectly by and the no nonsense finishing and aesthetics makes this object suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

And coming in 2010, the Desswerrum, a refillable hot water bottle/pillow to keep you cozy:

Shop Fatboy products here.

Now, here's my idea of a truly luxurious "bean bag" chair:

Check out the natural cowskin cowch here.

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