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Turn Your Genetic Profile Into Jewelry, Furniture and Home Accessories.

Call it a literal expression of life. Or just a very unique way to create an object that reflects your genetic makeup. Whatever you choose to call it, the customized products designed by Dutch DNA and created by by Frank Tjepkema's Design House Tjep., make the world's most personal gifts.

Dutch DNA has a creative process that samples a person’s life-code using a DNA profiling test and, through the language of design, plots the distinguishing genetic characteristics on a visual design map. Based on a unique design process, the beautiful and elegant forms which capture the eloquent expression of life, are then modeled into a specific item (furniture, jewelry or objects) before being handcrafted in the Netherlands and shipped to its destination.

The DNA patterns used to form designs can be anyone’s. Just like nature, combinations can also be used to create a unique articulation of a couple’s love or a family’s remembrance. “I see two lovers creating unique artefacts for their shared home that is truly a conjoint reflection of both individuals,” notes Frank Tjepkema.

The first display pieces were made from Giulia Wolthuis’s DNA. Giulia  is a Dutch contemporary dance performer and model, and daughter of Eric Wolthuis, the founder of Dutch DNA.

The first collection was made from Giulia’s life pattern. To capture and express Giulia’s life, Dutch DNA sampled her life code and through the language of design translates Giulia’s distinguishing genetic characteristics into visual forms, such as the four pieces shown below.

Jewelry Designs from mapping Guilia's DNA:

In the collection are two types of designs. One is based on abstract forms, where each genetic map itself if the defining source of inspiration. The second combines the genetic maps with symbolic forms. The symbolic pieces are more constrained and the design incorporates the genetic characteristics into patterns that are used to modify existing forms, such as the Shifting Hearts. Both types of pieces create beautifully expressive designs; the preference of choice is purely a personal decision.

Each piece in this exquisite collection expresses the genetic uniqueness of its creator. Custom designed by acclaimed design house Tjep. and handcrafted by artisans from the finest materials, every item is a true work of art.

The Collection:

Flow Rings:

Bloom Rings:

Blossom bracelet:

Reflection pins:

Double Love Heart Pendant:

Shifting Heart Pendants:

Silverline Heart Pendants:

The Darwin table is crafted through precision 3D milling and hand-finished in the Netherlands by the same artisans that create Joris Laarman’s furniture. Eric Wolthuis initiated the investigation into how genetic patterns could augment design. “I first looked at jewelry, which is very personal, but knew there was more. Furniture is a natural extension of our desire to create original and personal habitats; what is more personal than modeling your home through your own DNA?”

Dutch DNA Darwin Coffee Table:


Shifting Heart:

Porcelain Heart:

Helix sculpture:

To commission your own personal expression of life, review the collection and then contact Dutch DNA to arrange the first step in the creation process - DNA profiling.
Dutch DNA also undertakes tailored commissions for items not listed in this collection. Contact them to request more information.

• Tjep.
Tjep. are an acclaimed design house who fuse together peerless design with accomplished expertise in the latest production techniques. Internationally, Tjep. is recognized for their award-winning product, interior, architecture, furniture and jewelry design. Their iconoclastic work is defined by strong design concepts, beautiful aesthetics and great functionality.

• Tjalling Wolthuis
Founded in 1933, Tjalling Wolthuis is a fourth generation, family-owned business with a heritage as specialist art dealers in 17th century jewelry and silverware. The company ran a selection of jewelry stores until the late 1980’s, and now produces commemorative jewelry. As the production partner to Dutch DNA, their expertise guarantees the highest quality materials, methods and artisans are engaged in the fabrication of each piece.

• BaseClear
BaseClear is an independent and accredited service laboratory for DNA-based research. The leading laboratory in the Netherlands, they provide the fast and secure DNA profiling required for the initiation of each Dutch DNA project.

Eric, who has commissioned designs based on his daughter’s, his wife’s and his own genetic patterns, states “Seeing yourself and your family visualized in this way is very powerful, it’s a deeply emotional way of embodying everything that they represent to you.”

Dutch DNA
Breitnerlaan 6
3735 LW Bosch en Duin
The Netherlands

Newcastle's Mega Huge Super Bowl Ad Campaign For The Mega Huge Super Bowl Ads They Didn't Make.

In a clever twist on being clever, Newcastle Ale (which is owned by Heineken) has launched a Mega Huge anti-Super Bowl Ad campaign mocking the fact that they didn't create a mega Huge Super Bowl ad campaign.  With tongue-in-cheek banners, a website and a series of videos, they manage to make fun of everything related to Super Bowl advertising through the creative process, the focus group research, the teaser/trailer/making of phenomenon, the would-be pitchmen: Anna Kendrick and Keyshawn Johnson and of course, the prohibitive cost.

Here is the full campaign (thus far) followed by the press release:

The banner:

Their Facebook Page cover photo:

Their website home page:

The 9 funny videos below are shown in the order in which they were released:

1,. The Ad Newcastle made to prepare you for the ad they didn't make:

2. Newcastle's Cheap Ad they made for the pricey ad they didn't make:

3. The Teaser for the Trailer for Newcastle's Mega Huge Football Game Ad.
It's so epic, they made a trailer for the trailer:

4. The Official Stock Footage Trailer for the Mega Huge Football Game Ad they didn't make:

5. Newcastle's Mega Huge Football Ad Focus group:

6. Actual focus groups react to the Mega Football Ad they didn't make:

7. Keyshawn Johnson: Behind The Scenes of the Mega Huge Football Ad they almost made:

8. Anna Kendrick: Behind The Scenes of the Mega Huge Football Ad they almost made:

9 IT'S OFFICIAL: Real Focus Groups gave Newcastle's Mega Huge Football Game Ad a Mega Huge Score:

A 10th video is expected soon:

The Press Release:
Newcastle Brown Ale taps Anna Kendrick and Keyshawn Johnson to star in the greatest Big Game ad never made

Actress and singer Anna Kendrick has racked up an impressive string of triumphs: Oscar, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations for her performance in “Up in the Air;” a starring role in the hit film “Pitch Perfect;” and most recently with her 2013 triple-platinum single, “Cups.” But she will never get the chance to play what might have been her greatest role yet: the lead in an epic, Big Game spot for Newcastle Brown Ale.

It’s too bad Newcastle doesn’t believe in spending millions on a Mega Huge Football Game ad because it would have been amazing. Instead, Kendrick and football legend Keyshawn Johnson are taking center stage in a tongue-in-cheek marketing effort dubbed “If We Made It” that pokes fun at the ridiculous excess, overused schtick and over-the-top antics found in traditional Big Game commercials.

Newcastle may not be making the ad, but fortunately fans will be able to see all the trailers, storyboards, focus groups and behind-the-scenes interviews with Kendrick and Johnson at There also will be fresh content posted in real-time on the day of the Big Game.

“We think the formula for creating the most epic Big Game commercial of all time is pretty simple, but when it comes down to it, we’d rather have people drink our beer while watching other companies’ ads,“ said Charles van Es, senior brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale. “And to be honest, we don’t really have the money or permission to advertise on the game either.”

What did the world miss when Newcastle decided to keep its focus on making great beer instead of spending millions on making outlandish ads? Giant robots, beach babes and crazy celebrity cameos – as well as Kendrick starring as Hot Party Girl #1 and Johnson voicing a skateboarding cat.

“It’s a shame Newcastle didn’t have the budget to actually produce and air this ad. I was really looking forward to a huge paycheck for doing no real work at all,” said Anna Kendrick. “Indie cred from award-winning films is great and all, but I can’t buy a new car with indie cred.”

“Newcastle asked me to be in its Big Game ad, and I wish they would’ve made it, because I truly believe it would’ve been the greatest football-related thing I’ve ever done,” said Keyshawn Johnson. “For years, I’ve dreamed of voicing a skateboard-riding cat in a beer commercial, and thanks to Newcastle, I nearly achieved that oddly specific goal.”

Fans can join in on the fun at or by following Newcastle on Facebook and Twitter, where they’ll find a variety of humorous content related to the astonishing Big Game ad that would have blown the world’s mind – everything except the ad, of course.

The program was created in partnership with Droga5 and is part of Newcastle’s long-running “No Bollocks” campaign, which takes a lighthearted, no-nonsense, honest approach to marketing by shining a light on the silly, stale and sometimes deceptive clichés often found in beer advertising.

HOM's 2014 Collection for Men (or My Excuse To Post Some Very Hot Men In Undies).

To be perfectly honest, I have featured this new 2014 Spring Summer collection from HOM for the gorgeous models and photography as much as for their well-designed underwear and briefs. So, if you're not in the market for new underwear, think of this as a gallery of abs and eye candy.

Born in 1968 in Marseilles, the HOM brand was innovative in the men's underwear world by creating and selling a product which, for the first time, would propose both comfort and support to its customers.

Since then, HOM has never ceased to offer its know-how and creativity in the men's underwear arena and is now considered a specialized brand in Japan and Europe. The design, shapes, quality and comfort of their products are well-known and have received acclaimed, not only for their underwear collections, but also for their men's pajamas, swimwear, robes, socks and lounge wear, which are very varied and designed to fulfill specific customers’ needs.

Here's are their new underwear and swim trunk styles (broken down by collection) for Spring/Summer 2014:




Black Addict:

Sport (3 styles):

e.Go (8 styles):

Heritage (9 styles):

To see all of the products made by HOM visit their website here or shop their online store here.

Silverball: Re-Purposed Vintage Pinball Machines As Furniture And Home Decor

Furniture maker Michael Maxwell of Virginia is the man behind Silverball, a company which re-purposes vintage pinball machines as coffee tables, side tables, bars, consoles, wall mirrors and more. Using the back glasses and playing fields from old pinball machines, and combining them with his woodworking and crafting skills, he creates one of a kind collectibles.

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