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Death Becomes You

24 Skull Items

Death Becomes You - cool things with skulls!

Okay, so goth is back in a big way and skulls and crossbones are appearing on even the most unlikely items.
here are just a few on the market!

Just click on any of the images above to purchase or get more info.

See more of my Death Becomes You - cool things with skulls! list at ThisNext.

Don't Your Napkins Deserve Them? Hip Porcelain Napkin Rings

I stumbled upon these wonderful porcelain napkin rings by Dinner-ware. They've got many fun mod designs, but what is really struck me are these 'monogrammed' porcelain napkin rings at 10$ a piece. Get your initials, spell out words, do 'hugs' and 'kisses'...whatever, all and every initial is a fun design-see below.

So what are you waiting for? buy them here.

They Look Good Enough To Eat.. Wait, You Can Eat Them!

Monica Passin, president and chocolateuse of Painter Girl Chocolates spent over two years learning to work with chocolate as an art medium: desiging and painting molds, creating recipes, tasting and sharing, selecting the finest ingredients, and getting chocolate all over her guitars. Art-inspired chocolate. Chocolate- inspired art. A complete experience.

mmm... 2.5oz of dark chocolate with notes of vanilla and spice. "stripes of white chocolate. reminds your taste buds of espresso with whipped cream. made from pure belgium chocolate.

2.5 oz white chocolate with refreshing pure lemon and "spots" of dark chocolate. the lemon and dark "spots" balance the sweetness of white chocolate. Made from pure Belgium chocolate.

2.5 oz blend of milk and white chocolate create a wildly delicious flavor. its creamy texture melts in your mouth, and you are left with "spots" of dark chocolate that melt more slowly. made from pure Belgium chocolate.

dedicated to those with a passion for horsed and the pleasures of a great milk chocolate bar. 2.5 oz with "spots" of white chocolate. made from pure Belgium chocolate.

At $10.00 a bar, they make a nice gift- or dessert! Buy them here.

Product Pick Of The Week: Viteo's Outdoor Furniture

I am in love with Viteo's outdoor furniture-as well as the interesting imagery on their website (the full launch, not the quick launch). The very cool product above was a Red Dot Design Winner. An outdoor shower that is activated by the weight of the individual who steps upon it.

Take a look at some of their fabulous imagery (someone at Viteo is a very hip designer)and their beautiful products from their site:

There's no shortage of fabulously designed outdoor products on their website, check them all out here!

6 Funky New Finds

If it's hip, it's here.

Six Fun New Finds.
1. Juxtaposed: Religion by blank blank. A wooden shelf with the five most widely read books on religion (removable). Limited edition of 50.

2.The Jawbone, CNN highest rated bluetooth headset

3. Havaleena mood torch, a cordless light that comes with color filters and a wooden stand.

4. The stresseraser; a device that fits in your pocket and actually reduces stress!

5. From Defensive Devices comes this ring that actually sprays pepper spray up to 3 feet

6. The LOVE mirror, a nice tribute to Robert Indiana's famous icon.

Just click on any of the images above to purchase or get more information.

Ross Lovegrove is Making Some Noise for KEF

Above: Ross Lovegrove with his Muon Speakers for KEF

I've always been a fan of Ross Lovegrove's work and his newest creation for high end audio manufacturer, KEF, is no exception. The text below is from the April issue of Wallpaper.

The hallowed walls of Milan’s Science and Technology Museum played host to the launch of a groundbreaking pair of speakers yesterday evening.

'Muon' is the product of a union between the historic British audio company KEF and visionary industrial designer Ross Lovegrove. Standing two metres tall, the speakers are made from super-formed aluminium, which, like vacuum forming, uses heated aluminium sheets to bend around seemingly impossible shapes. The end result appears more like art than technology.

But the technology is every bit as impressive as the visual design. A four-way speaker system with powerful bass drivers produces an exceptionally clean and open sound regardless of the room’s acoustics.

As part of the launch the international creative branding agency Moving Brands created an audio responsive visual installation to showcase the speakers in action. They created a platform in front of the speakers that reacted in real time to the music being played, creating a light display to add a 3-dimensional demonstration of the sound quality. In the vaulted Sala del Cenacolo, where the speakers were showcased with the installation, the effect was truly sensational.

Berlow is a video of the launch:

Only 100 pairs of speakers are to be made and don’t let the fact that Robbie Williams has put his name on the waiting list put you off.

Mellow Yelo - Power Naps For Urbanites

Yelo is an entirely new concept in wellness. It is a sanctuary designed to help urbanites deal with the pressures of modern life through a unique combination of sleep and reflexology therapies.

The YeloNap is Yelo Spa's version of the “Power Nap”—their sleep therapy system of 20- to 40-minute naps. Naps of this duration have been medically proven to increase alertness and productivity as well as information retention.

Yelo is about time-efficient, results-oriented relaxation. It is not a spa. Yelo provides the deeper experience of giving you back your time and space when you need it most. It’s about you. It’s about time.

Yelo Power NapYelo Power Nap

Sleep is a crucial part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Medical studies have proven a direct correlation between sleep and productivity, and recently it has been discovered that even a short nap can significantly improve performance. A YeloNapSM will help you recharge and feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

The YeloNap is our specially-designed sleep therapy system. It takes place in our unique, modern, private cabins: the YeloCabsTM. When your nap begins, you will recline in our luxurious YeloChairTM to elevate your legs above your heart. This will slow down your pulse and encourage deep relaxation.

YeloNaps are available in five-minute increments from 20-40 minutes in length, priced at $1 per minute. You can choose the timing that suits you best within these limits. We set these limits because a nap of less than 20 minutes won’t provide you with enough rest, while a nap of more than 40 minutes will encourage a deep (REM) sleep, from which you might emerge feeling groggy.

The YeloNap may be experienced on its own for rest and rejuvenation or combined with Yelo Reflexology—treatments designed to heal and alleviate specific conditions or ailments and allow you to emerge feeling balanced and energized.

On their website they have a real time clock letting you know when the next available YeloCab is. Very cool. And very rejuvenating.

You can read more about this and there many other treatments at their site,

Gaultier Makes Fashion A Religious Experience. His S/S 2007 Haute Couture Collection.

Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring/Summer 2007 haute couture collection introduced at Paris Couture Week clearly borrowed heavily from art and religion. The stunning gowns, headgear, shoes --even hair and makeup styling are an homage to the Virgin Mary and religious art.

below: Early christian art depicting Madonna and Child; clearly Gaultier's inspiration

His newest collection has a fabulous Byzantine feel and the 'halos' around his models are reminiscent of early depictions of christian art in stained glass windows and paintings.

Some of the fabrics are made to appear as stained glass or religious paintings:

Religious iconography is embedded within many of the gowns:

and some models even carried what appeared to be bibles in the show:

The headgear and gowns are simply stunning. Take a look:

The designer:

Above : Gaultier Greeting The Audience and carrying a white lily, the symbol of the Annunciation

Maybe if I pray hard enough, I can afford one of his gowns....

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