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Cars You Can See Yourself In. No, Really... 25 Mirrored Chrome Finished Cars

There's been some hubbub over the chrome finished Audi R8 in this years' 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show. The shiny R8 5.2 FSI V10 coupe shown above and below has been turning heads and making the blogs, car mags and auto news.

The Chrome Finished Audi R8:

But they aren't the first to apply a shiny chrome finish to a car, and certainly won't be the last.

Take a look at all of these cars, 25 of different models, with chromed and mirrored painted finishes.

Previously chrome finished Audis:

The Chrome finished Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang:

Various Chrome Finished Mercedes:

Chrome finished Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano:

Chrome finished Lamborghini Murcielago LP640:

The above car actually belongs to 50 cent.
Below is the finish being applied to the car by Alsa Corp:

Chrome finished Porsche Turbos:

above 2 porsche photos courtesy of Adam Haranghy

Chrome finished Lexus IS 250:

Chrome finished Hummers:

Chrome finished BMW M3s:

above image courtesy of

Chrome Shelby GT500:

above photos and finish by Chrome & Carbon of Dubai.

Chrome finished Mustang:

Chrome finished Jaguar:

Chrome finished Nissan Silvia S15:

Chrome finished Nissan Skyline:

Chrome Finished Peugeot:

Chrome Finished Citroen:

Chrome finished Range Rover:

Chrome finished Volvo:

Unknown (tell me if you know this model and make, please)

Chrome finished Prototype car for Volkswagon by Gustavo Motta of Sao Paulo:

Most of these amazing finishes were provided with Mirra Chrome paints by Alsa Corp .

What is MirraChrome®?

MirraChrome represents the latest in Reflective Paint Coating Technology. It can be referred to as Chrome spray paint, or Spray Chrome Reflective Paint or Chrome Paint. It's near microscopic particle content provides superior surface orientation. This particle alignment is the key to MirraChrome's shine. While many attempts have been made by others to achieve a "chrome paint" no one has come close. Through a rigorous development process we have established the specific process and coatings to allow MirraChrome to achieve remarkable brilliance and be clearcoated. That's right, clear-coated. Alsa's MirraChrome can be topcoated with high quality automotive rade poly-urethane clearcoat such as Alsa's Speed Clear or any other topcoat without losing its true chrome look.

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