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Marble Sculptures To Blow Your Mind By Fabio Viale.

above: Fabio Viale exhibit photos courtesy of lifthin

Like many a famous Italian sculptor before him, Fabio Viale works in marble. Chipping away, polishing, bringing life to a block of rock. Unlike many a famous Italian sculptor, Fabio's marble pieces look like styrofoam, rubber tires (tyres), paper airplanes, popcorn and even a modernized David, tatts and all.

The impressive trompe l'oeil effects he gets from marble will blow your mind.

While other sites like jailbreak collective and Today and Tomorrow have done a nice job sharing a few of his pieces - particularly his styrofoam-like Mona Lisa, skull and the making of video and literal launch of his all marble canoe/ boat, I'd like to share some of his other work that I find fascinating as well.

Black sculpted marble that looks like tire tread and tires (tyres):

White sculpted marble that looks like popcorn:

White sculpted marble that looks like paper:

Giant white marble balloon:

Classic Greek and Italian marble sculpture with added tattoos.
Kouros with tatts:

Pieces from Michaelangelo's David, with tatts:

And, of course his carved marble pieces, in the likeness of the Mona Lisa and a skull, that emulate styrofoam:

Images courtesy of the artist and Gagliardi Art System and flickr

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