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Lace Goes Modern In A New Collaboration From Etsprit and Momantai Design

The newest collaboration of Roel van Hove of Etsprit and Ulrike Jurklies of Momantai Design. combines modern technological production with traditional furniture.

Traditional lace in stainless steel

Classic lace-work patterns are etched onto stainless steel and give old tables a second life and a great new look.

Unveiled this month at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven from 17 October till 25 October 2009 at the Strijp-S complex, the unusual tables, luminaires, coasters and place mats are a result of the cooperation with Etsprit - specialized in etching technology - and with support of Plauener Spitze ®.

The old traditional wood end and dining tables with turned legs get a modern face lift with the etched lace stainless steel tops.

The Tables:

Outdoor tables with metal frames and legs get the treatment, too.

And what better way to set these tables than with their Lace etched glass votives or their stainless steel placemats and coasters?

Glass luminaires:

Rectangular etched placemats:

Round etched placemats:

Round etched Coasters:

[mó, man, tai] (cantonese)= no Problem

With their laser cut and etched products they aim to develop concepts which surprise, entertain and impress in a convincing way.

Sustainability and community responsibility are priorities in the conceptualization and development of their products. Uncomplicated, timeless aesthetics form the basis for long-term pleasure of use.

Visit their site here.

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