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Technicolor Twinkle Toes. Embroidery on Vintage Photos of Dancers.

Now living and working in Berlín, Chilean-born Jose Romussi formally studied landscape design when growing up, but over the past few years has gained a significant following for his screen prints and collages in which he combines vintage black and white photographs with colorful forms of embroidery.

In this series, Dance, the supernatural power of dancers and their poses and movements inspire him with their precision and elegance. Romussi brings these pictures back to life with bright vibrant colors, underlining the dynamic of these frozen movements. With each new line of embroidery he invites the viewer to dream with him and to experience each subject's hidden vitality.

Artist Jose Romussi at work:

See more of Jose's unusual work here

The First Flat-Packed Wooden Bike You Assemble Yourself. The Sandwichbike by Basten Leijh.

It's new. It's cool. It comes in the mail and you put it together. Dubbed the Sandwichbike, this Dutch Design original was inspired by the concept of flat packing, home assembly and Bleigh Industries' never-ending drive to create exceptional products.

How Very Enterprising. Reformulated and Repackaged Star Trek Scents Launch To Coincide With Into Darkness.

Now that the new Star Trek movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness is out, the marketiing tie-ins have begun. One of the funniest to me is the selling of officially licensed Star Trek Fragrances.

I have no idea if people actually wear these scents, merely buy them as collectibles or give them as humorous gifts. But in any case, these pop culture inspired colognes for men and perfumes for women make great gifts for the Trekspert, Trekkie, Trekker or sci-fi fanatic in your universe.

You may be thinking you've heard about these before - and you did when Genki Wear owned the official licensing and launched scents to coincide with the Star Trek movie released in 2009

above: the Genki Wear Star Trek Fragrances launched in 2009

But now that Palm Beach Beaute owns the licensing, these fragrances (One for women and three for men) have been completely reformulated and the bottles and packaging have been redesigned.

Star Trek Pon Farr Perfume:

•Pon Farr Eau de Parfum for women.
•Comes in a gorgeous purple gradient glass bottle in a metallic box of purple and silver.
•Scent features light, clean top notes of Juicy Nectarine, White Violet, Tropical Orchid, with mid and base notes of Mirabelle Plum, Egyptian Jasmine, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Musk.
•An invigorating and romantic scent for intimate times.

The Star Trek Pon Farr Eau de Parfum for women is a refreshing fragrance that is both invigorating and dramatic. Pon Farr is excellent for those bright sunny days and warm summer nights spent together at the beach, around the fire or simply watching your favorite affair d'honneur. Comes in a gorgeous 90 mL purple gradient glass bottle with a defined clear cap and presented in a metallic box of purple and silver.
Pre-Order it here.

Star Trek Sulu Cologne:

•Sulu Eau de Toilette for men.
•Comes in a gorgeous clear glass bottle in a metallic box of black and silver.
•For the man who does everything.

The Star Trek Sulu Eau de Toilette for men is the perfect fragrance for the man who does everything. Whether you're off cataloging exotic plants, collecting antique firearms, or piloting ancient helicopters and advanced starships - this cologne will have you smelling irresistible. Being a man like Sulu, well, it's more than just choosing to live your life with style; but you already knew that, didn't you? Comes in a gorgeous 100 mL clear glass bottle with a chrome cap and presented in a metallic box of black and silver
Pre-Order it here.

Star Trek Red Shirt Cologne:

•Red Shirt Eau de Toilette for men.
•Comes in a gorgeous red glass bottle in a metallic box of black and red.
•For the young modern man who doesn't hesitate.

The Star Trek Red Shirt Eau de Toilette for men is a fragrance made for the young, modern man of the galaxy who doesn't hesitate - who revels in being alive today. The Red Shirt fragrance instills confidence, showing the universe your strength, your valor, your devotion to living each day as though it could be your last. Savor the day. Comes in a gorgeous 100 mL red glass bottle with a chrome cap and presented in a metallic box of black and red.
Pre-Order it here.

Star Trek Tiberius Cologne:

•Tiberius Eau de Toilette for men.
•Comes in a gorgeous gold glass bottle in a metallic box of black and gold.
•Be casual, yet commanding.

The Star Trek Tiberius Eau de Toilette for men embodies bravery and spirit, blending chemistry and emotion for a crisp, clean men's fragrance. Tiberius is a casual yet commanding fragrance spiked with raised notes of freshness and sensuality - just like Captain Kirk. Why would you need any other cologne? Comes in a gorgeous 100 mL gold glass bottle with a chrome cap and presented in a metallic box of gold and red.
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Gentlemen, Start Your Watches. Hublot's MP-05 "LaFerrari"

With the recent unveiling of the Ferrari’s “LaFerrari” at the Geneva Motor Show, the pressure was on for Hublot to deliver something just as exceptional and the MP-05 LaFerrari watch is the result. In a demonstration and testimony that lives up to the car, it has achieved a historic record with its 50 day power reserve. It is also the watch with the most watchmaking components created to date by Hublot (637).

Looking like a miniature engine strapped to the wrist, the limited edition timepiece is priced at a cool 300,000 Swiss francs, or about $322,000, warranting its own garage.

The MP-05 "LaFerrari" was developed - in technical and design terms - entirely in parallel with the car, alongside the Ferrari teams. They share a number of common points. Able to boast no fewer than 637 components for the movement, which is also equipped with a Tourbillon, as well as a power reserve of approximately 50 days thanks to its 11 barrels, arranged in a line just like a spinal column and interconnected so that they do not each discharge in turn but support each other, this watch is closer to being a concept watch.

The watch is finely wrought in terms of shape, featuring a complex shaped sapphire crystal clearly reminiscent of the car's outline, as well as an open case-back, and is made from black PVD titanium. It is topped by a titanium and carbon insert in its center, revealing the winding crown. The time-setting crown is positioned under the case. Both are completely integrated into the design, and therefore practically invisible.

The movement has an original display, featuring first off on the front vertical face the small seconds indicated by means of an aluminum cylinder fastened onto the suspended Tourbillon cage (significantly bigger than usual with a cage diameter of 14.50 mm, for even better appreciation of the mechanical parts).

The hour and minute are displayed to the right of the barrels, also indicated by means of one anodized black aluminum cylinder each. On their left is the cylinder indicating the power reserve. Reinforcing bars either side, made from anodized red aluminum, bring to mind Ferrari's red signature.

A small detail, but one which makes reading the time easier; on each cylinder the size of the numerals has been maximized with white SuperLuminova™, to enhance the display for ease of reading. This is all rounded off by a rubber strap with a special folding buckle in black PVD titanium.

The desire for a truly exceptional watch has been extended to the design of the presentation case, made from Schedoni leather and carbon fiber, containing the specific tools for winding the watch, and whose design was also inspired by the world of motoring. Limited edition of 50 numbered pieces.


•Reference 905.ND.0001.RX
•Series 50 numbered pieces
•Case Black PVD made of titanium
•Functions Hour and minute indicated by anodised black aluminium cylinders SuperLuminova™ markings
•Power reserve indicated by an anodised black aluminium cylinder SuperLuminova™ markings
•Seconds indicated by an anodised black aluminium cylinder SuperLuminova™ markings
•Suspended vertical Tourbillon
•Ergonomic time-setting system under the case middle (wrist side)
•Invisible manual winding
•11 series-coupled barrels

•Movement dimensions: Ø 45.8 x 39.5 mm
•Thickness 15.30 mm
•Tourbillon cage diameter Ø 14.50 mm
•Number of jewels 108
•Number of components 637
•Frequency 21,600 Vib/h (3 Hz)
•Power reserve 50 days


individual images and information courtesy of Hublot, Hublotnation and Ferrari. Composite images by If It's Hip, It's Here.

Great Pet Portraits Capture Goofy and Gorgeous: Furtographs

There's no shortage of adorable images of dogs and cats on the internet these days. Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook are loaded with them. But not all of them are as well composed or attractive as those done by photographer/artist Andy Stolarek of Los Angeles. His in-home and on-location shots of people's dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, pigs and more other capture beast and beauty in one image.

Simultaneously goofy and gorgeous, poignant and personality-laden, Furtographs offer two in-studio options or will travel to your city by request.

The images work nicely in residences, offices, private and public spaces:

About Furtographs:

Classically trained in bassoon performance and visual art from University of Southern California and California Institute of the Arts, photographer/artist Andy Stolarek (shown above) began to work with animals in 2000. First working with taxidermy and the study of anthropomorphism, Stolarek examined organized groups and document the specific elements that bring the collectives together through narrative gallery installations.

On a drive to San Francisco in 2003, Stolarek came upon his first pedigree cat championship. This discovery began his photographic series ‘Grimalkin’ which focused on the niche arena of feline pageantry and competition. As his work progressed, he began to photograph the animals of friends and family, initializing Furtographs. With his unique aesthetic for portraiture, capturing each animal in an unconventional and dramatic manner became Stolarek’s Furtographs focus.

Furtographs home base studio is located in the Loft at The Urban Pet at 7515 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles. In addition to working throughout Southern California, Furtographs often works in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and your city by request.

They offer two options for in-studio packages:

The Signature Furtographs Session: $350.
•90 minute sitting for your first pet *
•two background colors of your choice with various lighting schemes
•one 8×10, 8×12 or two 5×7 printed portraits
•5×7 digital proofs emailed or put to CD

The Express Furtographs Session: $275.
•60 minute sitting for your first pet*
•one background color of your choice with various lighting schemes
•one 8×10 or 8×12 printed portrait
•5×7 digital proofs emailed or put to CD

*Each additional pet is $100 with 30 minutes added to the base session fee.
*Extra time may be allocated for special cases, please discuss this with us prior to your session.
-Sessions include post production editing, retouching, framing services (if desired) and print delivery to studio location.

In home and on location sessions are also available for pets with special needs, multiple pets, finicky cats or should you just want us to bring the studio to you! (should space and environment conditions be suitable)


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