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New Crushed Porcelain Cups, Tumblers, Containers and Champagne Buckets from Revol of France.

French porcelain culinary cookware brand Revol's Froissés Collection is a collection of wrinkled porcelain espresso cups, coffee cups, water goblets, utensil holders, vases and champagne buckets that come in various shiny, matte and colored glazes. Initially produced in solid colors and only in one size, they have now added several sizes and patterns and colors to the line for 2013. The Froissés Collection now consists of 22 colors and shades as well as special patterns, such as flags, plaids, dots and more. In addition to these, they have a line of crumpled dishes as well.

Each Revol tumbler is manually turned out, trimmed, polished and glazed before firing… and all of this is thanks to the expert hands of our workers. Made of culinary porcelain, which guarantees extreme mechanical and thermal resistance, all of the collection is oven-, microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe. So they are perfect for everything from hot coffee to ice cream or champagne to flowers.

From the 5CL (1.75 oz) Ristretto tumbler all the way to the 3L (3.25 qt) champagne bucket, and including the must have espresso and cappuccino tumblers, you are sure to find a tumbler to fulfill your needs.

Photos courtesy of Revol and © Philippe Barret

Where to purchase?
•Buy Revol Tumblers and Cookware Here

•Also available at Sur La Table where they have Free shipping on all orders over $59

Gift Sets of 4:

The gift sets of four goblets shown above are available for purchase online here

UPDATED: This Is The Eyewear You've Been Looking For. STAR WARS Official Reading Glasses and Sunglasses by lessthanhuman.

Japan's lessthanhuman has designed an official collection of Star Wars eyewear. The collection consists of five different styles of eyeglass frames available as reading or sunglasses officially licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd. to be sold in Japan in the coming months.

The Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, R2D2, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett styles are contemporary, sleek and take color and design cues from the characters after whom each is named.

Fairly subtle in terms of the branding, the colored neoprene printed cases (all of which read "May The Force Be With You" on the interior) are far less subtle. Each pair comes with the following cleaning cloth:

The Darth Vader Glasses:

Darth Vader Sunglasses:

The Luke Skywalker Glasses:

Luke Skywalker Sunglasses:

The R2D2 Glasses:

R2D2 Sunglasses:

The Stormtrooper Glasses:

Stormtrooper Sunglasses:

The Boba Fett Glasses:

Boba Fett Sunglasses:

Unfortunately, they only intend to sell them within Japan.

Soon to be sold here.

Beautifully Crafted Wood Eyeglass Frames from a Carpenter and a Designer in Italy.

Italian carpenter Doriano Mattellone and designer Matteo Ragni have a love of wood and its properties, so together they began W-eye with Antonio Stella, which sells wooden eyeglass frames suitable for optical or sunglass lens.

Each lovingly crafted pair is constructed of seven sheets of wood interlaid with two sheets of aluminium to make them both structurally sound and flexible.

A digitally controlled cutting machine is used to create the contours and then each pair is sanded by hand. The frames are then branded and varnished and upon request, can be custom etched and numbered by a sophisticated laser system.

All W-eye models are available in nine types of wood. European wood species include Maple, Ash, Cherry and Walnut. African wood species include Wengè, Mahogany, Ebony, Zebra wood and Sapelli wood. Their most recent collection includes colorful wood stains.

Photo Credits: Still life by Luca Corvatta, portraits by Enrico Suà Ummarino.
Every pair of glasses can be full, or made from one type of wood, bifacial (two types of wood, inner and outer) or multicolour (mix of types of wood, inner/outer). The wood used comes from certified forests managed according to environmental sustainability criteria.

New for 2011:
Their newest collection, just released last month and not yet on their website, includes colored stained woods for a more vibrant and playful look:

Go here for the location of their shops or contact them via e-mail.

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