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Plenty of Poe for Halloween. Edgar Allan Poe Poems, Art, Housewares, Toys & Links.

above: A sculpture of Edgar Allan Poe by Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio.

Few historic figures conjure up the macabre as well as the 19th century author, poet and literary critic Edgar Allan Poe. A heavy drinker, Poe was preoccupied with death, decomposition and premature burial (possibly because of his wife's early demise) and is best known for his Gothic style of fiction. Tim Burton and Edward Gorey are a just two of the well known personalities whose work is inspired by The Master of the Macabre.

above: Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

His poem "The Raven" and his tale of insanity, "The Tell Tale Heart," are two of his best known darkly romantic works and have inspired many to create art, films, housewares, jewelry and other writings as an homage to Poe.

1953 animated version of The Tell Tale Heart narrated by James Mason:

And Poe's The Raven narrated by Christopher Walken:

Artists and designers have been inspired by Poe's work for centuries. To start with, here's a look some early renderings for publications of The Raven by famous historic artists Édouard Manet, Gustave Dore and John Tenniel:


above: One of the many lavish illustrations by Édouard Manet for Stéphane Mallarmé's translation, Le Corbeau (1875).


above: "The Raven" was published independently with lavish woodcuts by Gustave Doré in 1884


above: in 1858 "The Raven" appeared in a British Poe anthology with illustrations by John Tenniel, the Alice in Wonderland illustrator.

Jump forward to today and here are a few contemporary "Poe" pieces from various artists, illustrators, sculptors and art studios.

A watercolor of Edgar Allan Poe by goth musician and artist Marilyn Manson:

The following works are from Deviant Art and many can be purchased as prints.

By Abigail Larson:

By Twisted Synapses:

by Juarez Ricci:

by Armitage 199:

by Markdraws:

by Magnetic-eye:

Paper cut Poe by Despairisi:

A Tribute to Poe by Telegrafixs:

Nevermore Drypoint by StoryTellerF:

A caricature mini bust of Poe by Mark Newman:

Another Poe sculpture from Red Nose Studio:

The following Poe-inspired art, housewares and jewelry can be found on Etsy, click on the links above each image for purchasing information:

Poe Pop Art stencil Paintings:

Embroidered Raven dish towel:

Poe book purse:

Poe Book Flask:

Poe "Nevermore" ties by Binary Winter:

Typographical Poe portrait print:

Poe brass cuff:

Felt and satin Poe pillow:

Poe Raven necklace with original art:

Glitter Poe portrait:

Edgar Allan Poe Red Velvet Cake
Another form of art is baking and check out this stunning Edgar Allan Poe cake by Sprinkle Bakes:

get the recipe here

And Edgar Allan Poe toys:

Little Thinkers Plush Edgar Allan Poe Doll

Edgar Allan Poe Action Figure

Funko Edgar Allan Poe Wacky Wobbler

Oddfellows Edgar Allan Poe Figure

Living Dead Dolls Edgar Allan Poe and Annabel Lee Set

Toy A Day has a printable pdf for this paper Poe:

Make your own Edgar Allen Poe from paper here

Buy Edgar Allan Poe Books, DVDs & CDs from Amazon

Links to Edgar Allan Poe websites, Poems and Stories:

• The Tell tale Heart

• Interactive Poem of The Raven

• Knowing Poe

• The Poe Museum

• Edgar Allen Poe Society of Baltimore

• Poe Stories

And don't forget to check the itunes store for Edgar Allan Poe apps for the iPhone and the iPad.

“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.” – Edgar Allan Poe

Happy Halloween!

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