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The Ultimate Bauhaus Doghouse: The Cubix

We've seen Bauhaus inspired Doll houses, miniature model homes, bikes and now, an abode for the pooch.

You may not want to drop thousands of dollars on a doghouse, but if you can (or are crazy enough to), this one is a beauty. Inspired by Bauhaus architecture, the spacious CUBIX is a hand built modern house for large or small dogs.

Designed by an architect, and entirely hand-crafted, the modern doghouse is made of wood and glass. The home has a seemingly free-floating roof with built-in water drainage as well as a cleaning flap on the back.


The house is one of four luxurious styles designed and manufactured by the German company Best Friend's Home, and is available in three sizes:


the larger size (in centimeters): Width 140 / Depth 160 / Height 140 cm,
price: 4,250 EUR or $6,319.30 USD

the medium size (in centimeters): Width 100 / Depth 70 / Height 100 cm,
price: 4,100 EUR or $6,096.27 USD


the smaller size (in centimeters): Width 70 / Depth 85 / Height 70 cm
price: 3,950 EUR or $5,873.24 USD

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One of four style homes from Best Friend's Home, other impressive designs include a Fairytale castle, a Traditional Colonial, A Georgian Manor or they will create a custom one for you.

Other styles available:

About Best Friend's Home:
Founded in Paderborn, the Germany-based company is the brainchild of Communications Designer Doria Keppler and Event Manager Andre Heinermann. "People who have a sure sense of design and aesthetics like to apply that to all things that surround them. "The type of Dog houses we'd like to have purchased and installed in our garden simply didn't exist" recall the two managing directors. "Eventually, we decided to develop and build them ourselves." Voila, the idea for Best Friend's Home was born. In collaboration with an architect, they created four types of houses; CUBIX, FAIRYTALE, ALABAMA and LÖNNEBERGA.

above: Andre Heinermann and Doria Keppler

All the best friend's dog houses are hand crafted from high quality wood and weather resistant paint. They have unbreakable real glass lens and each has the "Best Friend's Home" stainless steel plate with serial number

Orders can be placed online here or by telephone.
T. +49 (0) 5254 9350916
F. +49 (0) 5254 9350920

Best friend’s HOME GbR
Mühlenteichstraße 55
D-33106 Paderborn

Seems a bit outrageous? The take a look at this Pooch Palace:

Perhaps this unbelievable $382,000.00 home for dogs will put these in perspective.

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