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Never Heard Of Donkey Products? You Have Now.

Donkey Products is an international design label based in Hamburg, Germany. They develop independent products and/or collections for industrial clients from a variety of branches from novelty gifts to homewares.

They are the name behind many of the hip and trendy products you see at chic boutiques. If you read the design blogs, you'll probably recognize a few of them.

Their products are really clever and some are available for purchase online. Or if you have an idea for a product, pitch it to them!

Here are a few of my favorites, in addition to the crucifixion cookie cutter, soaps and notepad at the top of this post.

witty glassware:

Big Brother Birdhouse:

porcelain products:

Father Christmas candles:

Piggy and Hippo Banks or Money Boxes:

cellulose sponges:

candles to go:

Baby utensils:

StripTeas, RoyalTeas amd DemocraTeas (teabags):

and clever packing tapes:

Depending on the product or idea, they can also provide you with a communications strategy. Together with their partner agency,, they develop the necessary communications tools, an interplay of classic advertising strategy, packaging, POS presentation and PR activities.


There's a lot more to see over on their site, check it:
Donkey Products

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