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24k Gold, Diamond & Steel PCs from Gaiser High End

It's hard enough to keep your computers up to date these days, but now you not only have to keep up with technology, but with the Joneses, now that the hardware case itself can be a status symbol.

GHE (Gaiser High End) creates what they call "First Class Computers", luxury PCs that integrate 24k gold, tri and bi color gold, Cubic Zirconia, Palladium, Silver and Steel designs to their hard drive cases. They will do surface gilding on front or front and back and give you many options of finishes.

In lieu of cubic zirconia, you can have real diamonds or gemstones of any kind upon request. The unusual materials include Damascus layered steel and Mokume Gane (wood grain steel) or they will work with you to create a custom design. The designs from the GHEdesign PC series can also be combined and they will be happy to create individual designs according to your requirements.

They can also provide you with other casings or technical components. If preferred, they can also provide each designer casing without the technical interior.

GHE design 01 - Gold leaf, 580 Signity, Cubic Zirconia Round Brilliant Cut, Ø 0.12in


GHE design 02 - Gold leaf, 67 Signity

GHE design 03 - Gold leaf, 25 Signity

GHE design 04 - 25 Signity

GHE design 05 - Gold leaf, 3D milled

GHE design 06 - Gold leaf, 83 Signity

GHE design 08 - Gold leaf, 175 Signity

GHE design 09- TRICOLOR gold

GHE design 10 - Palladium & silver, 2 Signity, Cubic Zirconia Round Brilliant Cut, Ø 0.16in

GHE design 11 - Layered steel, 1 Signity

GHE design 12 - Layered steel, 4 Signity, Cubic Zirconia Round Brilliant Cut, Ø 0.31in

GHE design 13 - Layered steel, 1 Signity

HGE design 14, Mokume Gane Jazz

GHE design 14 - Mokume Gane, Jazz with diamonds

GHE design 15 - Mokume Gane, 2 Signity, Cubic Zirconia Round Brilliant Cut, Ø 0.31in


GHE design 16 - Mokume gane, 82 Signity


GHE design 17 Mokume Gane, Wave

GHE design 18 - Gold leaf Wave, 1 Signity, Cubic Zirconia Round Brilliant Cut, Ø 8.0 mm

GHE design 20 - Gold leaf 3D relief, 1 Signity, Cubic Zirconia Round Brilliant Cut, Ø 0.31in

GHE design 21- Full surface gilding on the front

GHE design 22 also available with full 24k gold gilding on front AND back.

The 'guts' of the PCs include various combined fittings from Intel Atom/NVIDIA ION to Intel Core 2 Duo, right up to QuadCore CPU. Solid State Disk with SLC chip, Blu-ray and also exclusive input devices are of course included in our first class computers.

Gerd Gaiser
Friedrich-Speidel-Straße 36
76307 Karlsbad / Germany

+49 7202 709192

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