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Maybe You Shouldn't Discourage Your Children From Writing On The Walls. Charlotte Mann Doodles For Profit.

above image courtesy of the Sunday Times Style section

Perhaps it time to stop reprimanding your kids for writing on the walls. That is, if you want them to have a career like Charlotte Mann. An artist/ illustrator/ doodlebug who works with black marker on walls, blinds, white emulsion paint, paper, backgrounds and more.

You may recall a previous post of mine on artists who use Sharpies to decorate everything from a Lamborghini to a basement. Well, Charlotte has turned her doodling into an impressive commercial career. Her work has graced magazine covers, backdrops for fashion shows, even store window displays.

Here are a few fab examples of her work. (click on the images to enlarge)

High Holborn Appartment Wall (2.5 x 8.5) Black marker pen on wall and blinds:


Huf Haus wall (9.5 x 2.2m) Marker pen on white emulsion paint


Hampstead wall (3.1 x 2.7m) Marker pen on white emulsion paint

The School of Life wall (20 x 2m)
Marker pen on white emulsion paint


Peter Jensen Resort 2010 presentation (2.3 x 2.3m x 1.6m) Marker pen on white Colorama paper mounted on wooden frame. Peter Jensen Backdrop (30 x 5m) Black marker pen drawing on white Colorama paper

B-store window space Black and white marker pen on glass, acetate and Colorama paper.

Cube P.R. (2.5 x 2m) Marker pen on white emulsion paint wall


Kickers X Project

Something... (4 x 3m) Marker pen drawing on white emulsion painted wall


India Knight's Wall (9 x 3m) Marker pen on white emulsion paint wall


above image courtesy of ELLE Decor

Charlotte Mann is an artist known for her large life-sized drawings. She was born in London where she currently lives and works. She graduated from Central St Martin's Fashion Design Women's wear BA in 2000, and worked in the various fields of fashion design, styling, and illustration, before focusing on her artwork.

She worked for Russell Sage, designing and producing show pieces (including a dress made from real bank notes, now archived in the V&A, and pieces made with antique animal skins, which were featured in an exhibition at the Metropollitan Museum of Art in New York). She also designed for, amongst others: Laura Ashley, Kickers and Okini, and she was the costume designer and stylist for Eddie Izzard's Sexie tour.

The shift to the art work she is currently involved in came in september 2006 when she created the 30 meter long densely detailed hand drawn back drop for Peter Jensen's Spring/Summer 2007 show. since then she has created pieces for a number of different clients including India Knight, The School Of Life and B-Store.

Charlotte had been teaching for the University Of The Arts since 2001, she is an Associate Lecturer at St Martin's, Chelsea School of Art and Camberwell College of Art, and curates the Camberwell Foundation Film program, at the Vue Cinema Leicester Square, attracting guests such as Mike Leigh, Lynne Ramsay and Bruno Dumont. She also teaches at The Prince's Drawing School.

© Charlotte Mann 2008

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