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When Gucci Isn't Luxe Enough As Is, Go To Republica

above: Republica adds a diamond and platinum buckle to a Gucci belt

If you're at all familiar with Stuart Hughes and his company Goldstriker, you know him as the ultra luxe purveyor of the world's most luxurious mobile phones clad in gold, diamond and platinum as well as some outrageous gifts like diamond studded golf balls and diamond chess sets.

above: some of the items available from Stuart Hughes and Goldstriker include a gold plated Bang & Olufsen Beo remote

His latest venture, along with his wife, Katharine, is a very high end fashion site called Republica in which they are customizing already luxe clothing and accessories with diamonds and precious metals.

With brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Cavalli, they are creating limited versions of some of their products by adding platinum, diamonds, gemstones, exotic skins and more in limited numbers to make them even more exclusive..... and expensive.

The site just launched on October 5th and there are very few items being offered so far (3 to be exact), but here's a peek at the first items being offered by Republica.

Gucci Belt with Diamond and Platinum Buckle:
The Gucci belt below has a buckle recreated by Stuart Hughes in platinum and diamonds and there are only 3 available.

The price? a whopping $168,709.00 USD

The Dolce and Gabbana belt shown below is also limited to 3 and has 53 indivually set diamonds of VVS1 quality totalling a carat weight of 26.5.

The price on the above D&G belt is $91,879.00 USD.

Python Skin Blackberry

The python skin blackberry has lots of VS1 diamonds on the front at the bottom as well as on the back and will run you $9,658.54 USD

If you've got that kind of coin (and God bless you, if you do) start shopping here.

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