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Science + Sons Releases Phonofone III, Ceramic Amplifier For The iPhone

Science and Sons releases PH III, the third in their series of ceramic amplifiers or loudspeakers for the iPhone.


Science and Sons is pleased to present the newest member of the family, the Phonofone III.

The Phonofone III is an elegantly designed passive amplifier crafted from ceramic and designed explicitly for iPhone. This clever device amplifies the volume emitted from an iPhone internal speaker roughly 4x (approx. 60 decibels).

The first edition of 50 serial numbered pieces are available for order here, with more to follow soon.

iPhone Compatibility.....Gen 1, 3G, 4G
Weight........................800g (1.75 lbs)
Height...........................27cm (10.6in)
Width............................29cm (11.5in)
Depth............................22cm (8.75in)
Price $195 CAD
Handmade in Canada, 13% harmonized sales tax apply to all Canadian orders.

Phonofone I and Phonofone II

Both are still available. For more info, please contact Science and Sons.

Glove & Hate Tatted Oven Mitt By Stuart Gardiner For Of Kings & Cabbages.

Of Cabbages and Kings and UK designer Stuart Gardiner have collaborated to make this super fun and functional oven mitt.

It is a single double-sided mitt oven mitt printed in 4 color inks with a metallic gold bracelet. 'Love' on the right hand side, 'Hate' on the reverse left hand side.

Made in the UK.

Buy it here at CultureLabel

Every purchase from CultureLabel helps to support the arts.
or buy it here from Of Cabbages & Kings
or buy it from Stuart Gardiner here.

Palace Porcelain Stacking Tableware by Seletti's Selab + Alessandro Zambelli.

Fun and functional, this porcelain tableware is a collaboration between Seletti's Selab and Allessandro Zambelli.

When not in use the modular dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls and smaller bowls stack up to create buildings, complete with roofs. Take them apart and they are six table settings of square dishes perfectly suited for eating upon.

* Size (individual dishes--all dishes are square):
* Dinner Plate: 8.6" dia x 1" t
* Small Plate: 6" dia x .8" t
* Soup Bowl: 7" dia x 1.6" t
* Small Bowl: 4.3" dia x 2" t
* Salt+Pepper 5" dia x 2.5" t

Buy them here

The First 100% FSC-Certified Wood Bicycle in the U.S. From Renovo & Collins

above: the Renovo R4 Pursuit model made with FSC-certified CollinsWood.

The Collins Companies has just announced that it has commissioned the first 100% FSC-certified bicycle in the nation. In case you were wondering, FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council.

The bike, manufactured by Renovo Hardwood Bicycles, is an “R4 Pursuit” model that features a stiff, powerful and lightweight frame. All of Renovo’s bikes are custom-made – adjusting the stiffness and ride quality to the customer’s individual riding style and weight.

Renovo is one of the few companies in the world that manufactures wood bicycles (but not the only one, be sure to see Woody Bicycles ) and the only one making them with hollow frames.

Here's a few of Renovo's beautiful wood bikes and frames made with Black Cherry, Hard Maple, Birch, Hickory, Padauk, Sapele, Laminated Bamboo and exotic woods like Purple Heart, Bubinga and Wenge:

“I am proud to have used 100% FSC-certified wood on this particular bike,” stated Ken Wheeler, owner, Renovo Hardwood Bicycles. “We utilized a species combination of CollinsWood® from the Collins Pennsylvania Forest including; Black Cherry, Hard Maple, and Birch.”

Collins had this bike commissioned for one of their employees, to demonstrate their continued commitment to this mission. “Although wood bicycles are still in their infancy, we are constantly exploring new ways to have CollinsWood incorporated into everyday products and we want our customers to explore new uses,” said Cameron Waner, marketing coordinator for The Collins Companies. Waner continues, “Specifying FSC-certified wood in their projects is one of the most powerful things our customers can do to change the way wood products are harvested and sold around the world.”

The bike made its worldwide debut at the Greenbuild International Conference in Chicago, on November 17-19, 2010.

Renovo Bikes

Inked Magazine Profiles Kat Von D with Stunning Photos by James Dimmock.

Tatted siren Katherine Von Drachenberg, aka Kat Von D, graced the cover of Inked Magazine accompanied by an interview and these stunning photos by celebrity photographer James Dimmock.

Read the article, I Am Not Kat Von D, written by Rebecca Swanner for Inked Magazine.

Smell Like A Parody. The Best Of The Old Spice Man Spoofs.

By now everyone knows that hunky Isaiah Mustafa's portrayal of the towel clad Old Spice Man has long gone viral. And, as to be expected, there are numerous spoofs and parodies of the entertaining advertisement. Here's a few of the best.

"The Woman You'd Love Your Woman To be Like"

The Sun Newspaper spoofed the ad to celebrate 40 years of page 3. The parody was accompanied by an in-paper offer of a free pack of Page 3 playing cards on Wednesday 17th of November.

Read all about this video at "Smell Like A Monster"

Sesame Street parodied the spot with Grover to teach us the word "On":


"Study Like A Scholar"

A fun and smart parody to encourage students to study brought to you from the Harold B. Lee Library:


"The Man Who Lost His Girlfriend To The Man Your Man Could Smell Like"

Los Angeles comedian and YouTube star Toby Turner (aka Tobuscus) plays a guy whose girlfriend has left him to take a sunset cruise of the Galapagos Islands with the real Old Spice man.


"The Sausage Your Sausage Could Taste Like"

Bizarre and phony product, Mr. Happy's Spicy Dijon, personifies a sausage as the Old Spice Man:

This animated spoof uses Mel Gibson's phone rant as a call to the Old Spice Man by Smallpoppy productions:

and lastly, an entertaining Old Spice Remix by youtuber Mike Relm:

I Have PSD. Clever Short Film Shows How To Photoshop Your Life.

If you use Photoshop as frequently as I do, you find yourself wishing you could use the same set of software tools to edit, undo or re-do many aspects of your own life. Undoing a crazy night, editing blemishes on your skin, altering the color of your wardrobe, even lightening your over-toasted bread.

Julia Vakser Zeltser and the folks over at Hyperakt did just that with their fun "I have PSD" short film, which shows what it would be like to apply Photoshop tools to your real life.

Photoshop dexterity (PSD) is a skillset acquired by proficient users of Adobe Photoshop, the world's most ubiquitous digital tool for creating visual ideas. Qualities of PSD include supernatural powers of imagination and an overwhelming desire to constantly make the world more beautiful. PSD affects people from different walks of life. In fact, there is a high probability that you have PSD.

Julia Vakser Zeltser, screen writer, director, producer
Deroy Peraza, co-director
Jason Lynch, senior designer
Catherine Catanzaro, interactive designer
Eric Fensterheim, junior designer

Justin Weinstein, film advisor
BJ Formento, photographer, Formento + Formento,
Richeille Formento, stylist, Formento + Formento,
David Dimeola, animation, The Brigade,
Joe Beshenkovsky, editor
Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida, music, Lullatone,
Joshua Formento, gaffer
Craig Keirce, gaffer
Tyrone Rhabb, grip
Jeremiah Boncha, junior designer

Johan Matton, lead actor
Nikki le Villain, Egyptian
Ezili, boa constrictor
Lily la Vamp, pin up girl
Chris, gangsta
Kate Hasting, makeup, French maid

Special Thanks:
Whitney McCleary & Adobe Systems
Lenny Zeltser
Jenna Shapiro

Follow PSD:​hyperakt​Photoshop

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