The Urban Campsite's Coolest Caravan, The Marquis by Eduard Bohtlingk.

Annette van Driel and Francis Nijenhuis are the initiators of The Urban Campsite, a campsite where camping and art come together for six weeks a year. From August 16 to September 30, 2013 Urban Campsite (located on the Vliegenbos campsite in Amsterdam) has one of a kind, artistic, unusual and sometimes just crazy mobile facilities in which you can stay overnight. Several of the mobile structures there have received architectural awards and honors, one of which is the expandable mobile camper designed by Eduard Bohtlingk.

Initially designed by Eduard Bohtlingk way back in 1985, the Markies (or 'Marquis' in English) is now one of the available camping structures at Amsterdam's fun and unusual Urban Campsite.

With foldable walls and floors, the camper/cottage is as mobile as a caravan. When parked at its destination, the floor space can be tripled.

The Marquis was nominated for the Rotterdam Design Prize in 1996 and won the audience award. It sleeps four and is available for €80 a night or €500 /week.
You can book The Markies / Marquis here.

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Images courtesy of Eduard Bohtlingk
Official images courtesy of Airbnb


haveacupoftea said...

There's one photo that does not belong - the one with a sofa below cupboards, apples and oranges on the low table, and integrated expresso machine in the cupboards column next to it. It can't possibly be from the same caravan.

Nine Red said...

You never cease to amaze me with your ability to find totally awesome stuff! This camper is great. I want it!

Brooke said...

Can I BUY this amazing RV, or is it only available as a RENTAL?
Is this RV available for purchase in the USA (or RENTAL) in the USA?
Is it towable behind a truck or SUV? Does it have wheels, or must it be "set-up" by your company?
This design is award-winning! Bravo!!!

laura sweet said...

People keep writing me asking where they can buy one of these. Please read the post. You'll see it's available to rent through the links supplied in the post. Any other questions should be directed to the Urban Campsite or the designer, both of whom have links in the post. - the editor

Blendedd Services said...

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