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Bagalights. Energy Saving Paper and Cardboard Table and Pendant Lamps.

Bagalights designed by Cameron Fry of Fry&Fry for Liqui are environmentally friendly - designed to only be used with energy-saving bulbs and made entirely from paper and cardboard. This pendant light comes in a variety of different styles - as does the table lamp version: the Bagalight 2. Comes with all the fittings and a free A rated energy-saving bulb.

Bagalight 1 Tabletop Version:

Bagalight 2 Pendant Version:

Free UK Shipping and worldwide shipping for $3.
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Speaker Dock AeroSystem One by Lalique. $21000 Limited Edition Crystal Sound and Looks.

This limited edition 3.5 foot tall, 30+ pounds, $21,000 Lalique version of Jarre technologies AeroSystem One sound system accommodates all Apple iPod and iPhone models and features two directional speakers and a 60-watt subwoofer.

A marriage of innovation and craftsmanship, born from a meeting between Silvio Denz, CEO of the prestigious house of Lalique, and Jean Michel Jarre, the genius of electronic music. Two worlds, which on the surface seem to be completely opposite of each other, have come together in their quest for excellence. To further their pursuit for innovation, these two men have combined their values and talents. Together, they have created an object that combines their expertise.

Based on the 2010 Aerosystem One by Jarre Technologies, this special limited version (999 will be made) incorporates Lalique's Masque de Femme, an iconic motif of this prestigious crystal house into the column. The Art-Deco style mask reveals the face of a mysterious woman, with subtle features, surrounded by aquatic wildlife. Like a fingerprint, the face seems perfectly captured in the crystal. To create this piece of work, 13 master glass-blowers blow, cut and polish crystal with their expert hands into a design that is so emblematic of Lalique.

AeroSystem One is the result of four years research and development by Jean Michel Jarre and his team of sound engineers. Conceptualised in France, this powerful sound-system can accept all digital formats, from MP3, AAC, WMA, etc. AeroSystem One is compatible with all iPod and iPhone models and comes with an integrated USB 2.0 port, as well as a mini-jack port offering the possibility to connect the system to a laptop, a CD / DVD player, smartphones, hard-disk files, as well as a vinyl turn-table. AeroSystem One incorporates an electronic signal circuit, tailor-made to reproduce both the bass line and high notes with optimal precision.

The artisans from Lalique have managed to enhance and illuminate the speaker created by Jean Michel Jarre and to raise it to the rank of a true piece of contemporary art.

• Compatible with all iPod generations: iPod Touch®, iPod Nano®, iPod Classic®
• Compatible with all iPhone generations: iPhone®, iPhone 3G(S)®, iPhone 4®
• Multiple input sources with mini-jack 3.5 mm connector:
• MP3 players
• Computers
• CD/DVD players
• Vinyl turntable
• 1 USB host
• 240° Sound dispersion with built in 3D enhancement filters
• 2 x 30w full spectrum high definition tweeters
• 1 x 60w subwoofer
• Power input voltage 110 or 220 depending on your country of residence
• Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 108.5 cm
Apple® and iPod® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


Commes Des Garçons Uses The Force For Fashion With A Star Wars Collection.

above composite image ©If It's Hip, It's Here

The Galaxy-wide launch of Comme des Garçons x Star Wars began this week. The new men's collection includes 6 black and white dress shirts, 2 long and 2 short-sleeve t-shirts and 2 bags all featuring the names of the characters, images of Yoda and Darth and/or classic quips from the original trio of George Lucas movies.

The Dress Shirts:

The Tee Shirts (all available in black, white or grey):

The Two Vinyl Bags:

On the runway:

Shop for the above items online at Dover Street Market
and some of the collection can be found online at Antonioli

When Los Angeles Is A Man. A Short Film For Louis Vuitton By Jean-Claude Thibaut.

This is the second short film in a series on cities around the world for Louis Vuitton, using gender as a lens to interpret each city's identity.

above: stills from Jean-Claude Thibaut's When L.A. Is A Man

Directed and written by Jean-Claude Thibaut, the film has some very beautiful scenes of Los Angeles (as in the stills above), despite being accompanied by a voice over of which I am not a big fan (excerpt shown below).

“From the hill, suspended above the starry skyline, L.A. appeared to me as a whole.

He’s a lonely and secretive player, blazing and unrefined, dedicating himself to his dreams - and incidentally ours - with a disconcerting ease.

He has the nerve and imagination of one who has nothing to lose, always walking a tightrope. His weaknesses are concealed.

Untouched by criticism, L.A. works in faith and finds his way to a new era, the one he imagines being his own future. The burning ease of his achievements has something of prodigality and childishness. Each scene of his life is the most important. L.A. is fated to be young forever, eternal. He walks through the night, striding along, indolent while unrestrained, with the style of a gifted kid.

In my mind a far-fetched idea is growing slowly: it seems L.A. gave me this blind confidence to turn things into art, without ever looking back. L.A. drove me where I have never been before.”

I do think the direction is wonderful, even though I exactly don't love the casting and the copy. But it's a lovely look at LA. What do you think?

info and video courtesy of Louis Vuitton

New Sport Plates For Interactive Food Fun By Designer Boguslaw Sliwiński.

You may have seen his wonderful and whimsical Transportation Plates (shown at the end of this post) on some other design blogs such as Dezeen. Now, in addition to those, designer Boguslaw Sliwiński has come up with five new designs that feature a silhouette of a man in various athletic positions, giving the illusion of interacting with food placed on the plate. The five sports: football, skydiving, diving, tug of war and weightlifting are whimsical, but still stylish and will delight children and adults alike.

The method of application is extremely durable and resistant to washing in dishwashers or using in the microwave. This durability is guaranteed by the firing ceramic components in the furnace at a temperature of 800 °C.

Sport9 (Skydiving):

Sport4 (Soccer/Football):

Sport5 (Diving):

Sport7 (Weightlifting):

Sport8 (Tug o' War):

Also worth noting is his Face On plate:

His various Face On plates (several different designs) can be purchased here at Art Syndicate

And if you never saw the Transportation Plates, those are shown below:

The Transportation Plates can be purchased here at Art Syndicate

To order any of the new Sport plates (each measuring 26 cm in diameter) you have to contact the designer directly.

Phone order: +48 502 946 920
email: sale@bsliwinski

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