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Modern Waterproof Wood Sinks And Tubs From UWD

In 1979, UWD (Unique Wood Designs) began by building yachts, boats and canoes. After thirty years they had developed a very high quality boat-building and carpentry workshop, so they began looking ahead.

Their experience and innovative ideas led them to envision a company that today is called Unique Wood Design and is a net of workshops cooperating with young creative designers. They design and craft handmade wooden bathtubs and washbasins,a combination of their carpentry tradition and modern boat-building technologies.

They developed a unique wood coating technique; numerous layers allow deep wood penetration with a coating that is outstandingly durable and fully waterproof. It protects the wood from scratching and UV radiance. It also has antiseptic properties. Apart from the practical part of our coating technology, there is also an aesthetic side. The multi-layered woods they apply bring out the original wood grain give it the effect of incredible depth and variety of textures.

Their wooden bathtubs and washbasins are manufactured utilizing two carpentry technologies: hardwood - the most durable wood form, and veneer technology which allows a wider range of unique colors and effects. They use the best quality woods coming from controlled falling plantations. Their products are made of various European, Asian and African woods.

Here's a look at some of their most unique and beautiful pieces:


above: Nel corner sink in American walnut

above: Kyla sink in Sapele

above: Gilda sink in Sapele

above: Nuriel pedestal sink in Sapele

above: Rhea sink in Ash

above: Lavonne sink in Ash

above: Oriana sink in Padouk

above: Vivena double sink in Maple

above: Maris double sink in American Walnut


above: Serena tub in American Walnut

above: Tiara tub in Whitened Oak

above: Nova corner tub in Wengé

above: Sidra tub in Oak

above: Beatrice tub in Sapele

above: Eureka tub in Ash

above: Kassiopeia tub in Wengé

above: Nerfernerfer Tub in Padouk

Contact info:

Magdalena Szafraniec (english)
0048 794 98 58 70
Tomasz Gospodarek (german, english)
0048 796 47 87 24

Unique Wood Design
Powstańców Śląskich 82
53-333 Wrocław

See their complete collection here.

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