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Bespoke Pink Rolls Royce Ghost & Chris Evans Parker Puppet Unveiled In Support Of Breast Cancer Care.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars proudly presents the FAB1, a customized Pink Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase set to support FAB1 Million and Breast Cancer Care.

Headed by Broadcaster and car nut Chris Evans (shown above as character Aloysius Parker from the Thunderbirds TV series with puppet*), the FAB1 Million project is set to raise £1 million for Breast Cancer Care through making this bespoke Ghost available to hire over the next twelve months. This extraordinary car will make appearances at exclusive events as well as being available for hire for any special day, with all proceeds directly benefiting Breast Cancer Care.

above: Blushing Pink and Crème Light interior and a pink accented umbrella are some of the exclusive accents

In support of this exciting project and very worthy cause, the Rolls-Royce Bespoke team has prepared a very special motor car, combining numerous exclusive bespoke elements, from pink accented umbrellas, to hand-embroidered headrests featuring the Breast Cancer Care pink ribbon motif. Further enhancements include unique ‘FAB1’ treadplates and a Blushing Pink and Crème Light interior leather scheme. An uplit Spirit of Ecstasy adorns the silver satin bonnet.

In addition to providing a superior ride experience and ample legroom, the passenger experience of this exceptional Ghost Extended Wheelbase is enhanced with hand veneered picnic tables, 9.2 inch LCD screens and a champagne coolbox. Passengers will be able to relax with a chilled glass of champagne, indulge in a concerto, courtesy of a 10-channel amplifier and 16 speakers delivering 600 Watts of surround sound, or simply sink into sumptuous leather seats and lambswool footmats, relaxing into luxurious silence as they journey to their destination.

Special pink leather fabrics and thread were used in the creation of this bespoke vehicle: 

When I received the call from Chris Evans to support FAB1 Million, we immediately sprang into action,” said Jolyon Nash, Sales and Marketing Director. “It’s taken countless hours to create such a special car but every minute spent is absolutely worth it for such a valuable cause. We wish the project every success.

The project is set to launch on Thursday 18 April with a star-studded point to point drive in FAB1 from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

*What does a puppet have to do with this?
The Original FAB 1, and its later incarnations, is a pink six-wheeled car from Thunderbirds and its three film adaptations. The car was owned by character Lady Penelope and driven by Aloysius "Nosey" Parker.

above: models of the Fab 1 cars driven by puppets in the TV series Thunderbirds

The Chris Evans-inspired replica "Parker" puppet:

A limited edition run of hand made First Generation copies of the puppet and his FAB 1 Driver's Seat are for sale. Signed and numbered by artist and puppet sculptor Duncan Willis of Superproreplication, a substantial donation from each puppet sold is going to Chris Evans' FAB 1 Million charity in aid of Breast Cancer Care.

above: Chris Evans (Parker) Mary Berry (Lady Penelope) as the fictional characters from the puppet TV series Thunderbirds with a new Fab 1 Rolls Royce for Breast Cancer Awareness

You can also donate £5 to Breast Cancer Care by texting FAB to 83222 and enter the draw to win a ride in FAB1 for a day.

** Supporters outside the UK can donate by visiting FAB 1's Just Giving page at

Breast Cancer Care is here for anyone affected by breast cancer. We bring people together, provide information and support, and campaign for improved standards of care. Every year more and more people need our support. You can help us be here for every one of them. Visit or call our free helpline on 0808 800 6000.

all images and info courtesy of Fab1 and  Rolls Royce

Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders Get Their Own Travel Case. The CupCase.

CupCases are a pretty nifty invention for those women who want to keep their bras in a place where they won't get smushed, torn or misshapen when traveling short (like the gym) or long (like across the ocean) distances.

With the price of brassieres these days, and how hard it is to find one you love, it's nice to have something to keep them from getting squished in one's suitcase or travel bag (or God forbid, the bottom of your purse).

CupCases come in the following styles:

A CupCase is not only a storage case for your bras; it can also hold jewelry, hair-ties & other small accessories while you travel!

• Durable
• Portable
• Stylish
• Protect bras from crimping, crushing and creasing
• Carry as a purse

A video showing you how they work:

Support Finding A Cure during October:


The Breast Cancer Awareness Body Paint Project

The Breast Cancer Awareness Body Paint Project
is an ongoing series designed and created by Michael Colanero with the first survivor, model Cindy Papale (shown below), to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer causes.

Body artist Keegan was brought onboard and painted all but one of these women [the "tribute" image with the twin towers was painted by Lucianne Ungerbuehler]. To come up with the imagery, Keegan and Colanero would talk with the survivors, get a feel for their personality and collectively come up with a theme. Once the theme was decided upon, Keegan would then paint a base image on the models using a combination of hand painting and airbrushing.

Michael then took the photos which he digitally manipulated as shown below:

The following images are of 15 actual Breast Cancer Survivors. They intend to have a total of 50:

These images are available for sale on cafepress and all profits from the sales currently go to The Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation. The foundation helps women under the age of 30 with medical related expenses who are battling breast cancer. Kristy was diagnosed at age 22 and lost her battle at 26. The Foundation is in her memory. Please note that The Kristy Lasch Foundation is not affiliated with this project beyond being a recipient of their donations.

Body art by Keegan

Please Shop for Fundraising Products at:

Follow the project on twitter:

Behind the scenes videos:

Full Series on Flickr:

Please donate

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.