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Now You Can Picnic Indoors All Year Round. The picNYC Table with Real Grass.

Designed by Haiko Cornelissen Architects, the picNYC table has a 7' x 3' real grass sod table top bringing the outdoors in. The ants are optional.

Urban farming is a fast growing phenomenon where the typically rural practice of agriculture is brought into the city. The picNYC table goes one step further and brings the rural experience of picnicking not just into the city, but into the apartment.

The folded lightweight aluminum table top and legs form a stiff framework for the grass, soil and stones (needed for drainage). The picNYC table creates a surreal experience of nature in the city that literally transforms dining. Suddenly spilling water becomes a necessity instead of a problem, wine glasses need coasters not to prevent ring stains, but to avoid tumbling.

Included in the rural experience is the maintenance of the grass. A table grass mower hs yet to exist, therefore you'll have to cut the grass by hand (simple grass clippers would work just fine)

Based on the number of cuts, maintenance, usage, sunlight and season, the PicNYC table responds with a variety of colors to the conditions set by the owner and location. However, the color can always be easily replaced with fresh sod, if need be.

Based on the concept of transposing natural experiences to the apartment, endless alterations are possible with flowers, herbs - even vegetables. Depending on the needs and green thumbs of the owner, the PicNYC table brings various degrees and qualities of the rural experience into the urban residence. As a consequence, the PicNYC table transforms dining into a feast at a new intersection of nature and city.

Year: 2011
Table Material: Aluminum and grass
Design Team: Haiko Cornelissen
Photos: Iwan Baan & Alan Tansey

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