And You Thought Roombas Were For Cleaning. Light Art Photography By Robotic Vacuums.

These colorful images are long exposures from cameras on tripods following the light of robotic vacuums, the Roomba by irobot, giving the illusion of a room painted with light. And you thought those Roombas were only good for Cat Rides on YouTube and sucking up dirt.

In this last image, flying toy helicopters were used to add streams of light in the air:

Images courtesy of the roomba flickr group and Bobby B.(aka h8808)

And in case you'd like to try it yourself, here an article which shows you how to attach a camera to your Roomba.


krzystoff said...

interesting, tres-moderne art -- using an ultra-expensive paint brush!
it also reveals that robotic vacuums are not quite as thorough as we are led to believe, with large gaps in many of the rooms...

'Zann said...

I don't believe these photographs were taken by cameras mounted to Roombas, but rather by tripod-mounted cameras in the room recording over time the light trail of the Roombas LED lights.

Now, I'd like to see some pictures from a Roomba eye's view!

laura sweet said...

Zann, you must be right and I will amend the post right away. Thanks so much, don't know what I was thinking.

Anonymous said...

You are probably blond.

laura sweet said...

Nope, brunette. One error (okay maybe more like four) in over 3,000 posts does not a blond make.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.