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Hungry For Art? Sandwiches As An Homage To Modern & Contemporary Artists.

above: The Piet Mondrian Sandwich by Brittany Powell

Brittany Powell's project, Sandwich Art, turns the classic sammy into interpretations of pieces by famous modern and contemporary artists. From Marcel Duchamp to Damian Hirst, cheese, lettuce and condiments are the medium and the bread is the canvas.

Below the image of each open faced masterpiece is a link to the artist whose work it is referencing.

The Hirst Sandwich:

Damien Hirst

Jasper Johns Sandwich:

Jasper Johns

The Klimt Sandwich:

Gustav Klimt

The O'Keeffe Sandwich:

Georgia O'Keeffe

The Pollock Sandwich:

Jackson Pollock

The Rothko Sandwich:

Mark Rothko

Marcel Duchamp Sandwich:

inspired by this piece of art

The Christo Sandwich:


Artist and designer Brittany Powell, along with Tae Kitakata, who both attended California College of The Arts, have collaborated on many projects and together alternate sharing their work on their site, low commitment projects.

Via Taxi via booooooom via Swiss-Miss (none of whom showed all of the sandwiches)

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