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Funny Tees for Those Who Prefer A Little Cushion for the Pushin'

In stark contrast to yesterday's post about the controversial ad campaign for Equinox gyms (people protested feeling the models were far too thin), here's a company whose apparel celebrates those who pack on a few extra pounds- and the people who love them.

Sick of dating girls who order a salad with dressing on the side? Or men whose butt is smaller than your own? Whether a foodie, a fattie, a chubby chaser or just a chubby in training, Dpcted of St. Louis has an adorable and clever line of t-shirts for those who prefer a little meat on them bones.

Along with bulge, beards and booze are a few of their other subjects.

And a few others:

All images courtesy of DPCTED

And yes, sizes available are an appropriate Small up to 5XL.

Beginning yesterday, for one week only, the discounted online design flash sale site,, has them on sale. ( is invite only. Please use the following link to register:

Fab is not selling all of their tees. For a wider selection, or if you miss the sale, be sure to visit DPCTED's online store here.

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