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I Dare You To Throw A Stone. Glass Houses & Furniture by Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio.

Santambrogiomilano, the brainchild of architect and ideator Carlo Santambrogio, is an entrepreneurial reality which realizes projects in glass with an exclusive character, unique pieces that can integrate themselves in all environments of daily life.

To showcase his glass furnishings collection named Simplicity (the individual items of which are shown later in this post), he has designed two transparent glass concept homes.

The collection named SIMPLICITY was born from the collaboration between Carlo Santambrogio and the designer Ennio Arosio with the aim of giving “transparent” shape to a precise and essential way of conceiving and living the spaces. The elements, even if strongly distinctive, do not overpower the atmosphere that surrounds them entering in perfect symbiosis with it.

Glass Staircase:

SIMPLICITY is realized in extra clear glass by Saint Gobain, tempered and stratified, named Diamant for its characteristics of extreme purity and brilliancy. It is interpreted in a unique way with the use of important thicknesses (30 mm) and treated with special technical procedures to guarantee total security.

Glass Bed:

The essential characteristic is the “unicity” of the single elements which permit to realize standard pieces as well as complex projects. Our creations can vary in shape, dimension and finishing every time, allowing a high level of personalization.

Glass Sofa:

The use of glass sheets in a structural way excludes the need of profiles or other supporting elements. This way we eliminate all what may distract the eye from a contemplation of pure shapes and extreme elegance, born to surprise and to spread aesthetical pleasure.

Glass Bookcase and Glass Shelves:

The tendency of integrating glass with different materials as wood becomes concrete also in the editions of the SIMPLICITY kitchen and tub.

Glass Kitchen:

Glass Bathroom, Basins and Bathtub:

Starting from the SIMPLICITY concept, mixture of joints and glass sheets, the surfaces vanish thanks to the transparency of the suspended planes and of the glass beams.

An incredible effect derives from the staircase with its structural elements entirely in glass, devoid of any steel profile, and standing out with its transparency and lightness.

Glass Chair and Glass Lamp:

Glass Benches:

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