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Liter-Art-ure. Authors Illustrated On The Pages of Their Books by Daniel Edlen.

above: Daniel Edlen's rendering of Hunter S. Thompson in No Sympathy For The Devil

Liter(art)ure is a new project by illustrator Daniel Edlen whose Vinyl Art - portraits of musicians on old LPs - I shared with you about a year ago.

This time, Daniel is heralding authors, as opposed to musicians, by drawing their portraits on the very pages of the books they wrote. Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edgar Allen Poe, John Steinbeck and Hunter S. Thompson are hand rendered in a stipple-like illustration within the pages of their respective legendary novels.

Hunter S. Thompson:

Showing the progress of the Hunter S. Thompson rendering in the book:

The finished drawing:

The book and art framed:

Edgar Allan Poe:

Edgar Allan Poe drawings in progress:

the finished drawing in the book:

John Steinbeck:

Mark Twain:

Ernest Hemingway:

F. Scott Fitzgerald:

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