Eureka! I Found It. The Perfect iPhone 4 (and now 5!) Case for Me - The Leverage Case by Graft Concepts.

Well, it only took me a few months of scrutinizing every possible case for my iPhone 4S (and now you can pre-order one for the new iPhone 5), but I finally found the one for me. I wanted something that covered the back and the edges, didn't take away from the phone's sleek design, protects without interfering with functionality and that looks undeniably awesome.

The sleek matte soft touch polycarbonate case ensures that I won't drop it and the clasp (the deciding factor for me) functions like a watch clasp found on many bracelet watches. The clasp is available in a high-polish or matte finish chrome.

The Leverage Case by Graft Concepts is both functional and stylish. Not too cute, not too bulky, not too cheap, not too outrageously expensive.

Designed in Southern California, engineered by the Swiss, and manufactured by hand picked factories to ensure high-quality standards, the Leverage case comes in either black or white, (backplate included) with your choice of high polished chrome or matte finish fastener.

The Leverage Case in Black:

the backplate is optional:

without back plate:

The Leverage Case in White:

without back plate:

A hard polycarbonate/ABS blend with a rubberized finish protects your iPhone from bumps. The sleep-wake button has been integrated into the zinc alloy latch and precise cutouts enable easy and direct access to the ringer and volume buttons.

• Confirmed compatibility with both iPhone 4S and 4 from AT&T/Sprint/Verizon
• Hard polycarbonate case with soft touch matte finish that offers drop and scratch protection
• Luxurious finish on metal latching mechanism that locks the case firmly around the phone
• Removable back plate (INCLUDED with purchase) gives you the option of having minimalist style or full protection
• Unique styling with streamlined design and minimal bulk
• free shipping within the United States. ships: 2-3 days

The video below shows you how to put the case on your iPhone 4 or 4S:

Price for the Leverage case including backplate is $59.95 USD
Buy it here or pre-order the one for the iPhone 5 here.

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