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Rest On Breasts. The Velvet Bikini Cushion.

Every once in awhile I come across something so bizarre, I simply have to blog about it. This is one of those times.

Got a boob man (or woman) in your life? This just might be the perfect gift for them.

The Velvet Bikini Cushion by Olleh ('Hello' backwards as well as a Korean catchphrase) has three dimensional soft fluffy filled breasts clad in a blue, orange or purple leopard printed bikini top. The bikini top is actually removable and yes, the velvet breasts have 3D nipples.

Face up, you can rest your head between two mountainous breasts, sitting upright or reclining:

Lie on it face down and you can feel it up, god forbid.. suck on it or motorboat- your call.

Good for road trips too!

The one really good thing about it? The breasts won't sag over time.
Buy the bikini boob pillow here.

Care about Boobs? Click here to give free mammograms in support of Breast cancer research. (thanks Benoit!)

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