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Coloring Book Couture. Dressing Between The Lines In A Dress You Color In Yourself.

Amsterdam-based graphic designer Michiel Schuurman and and textile designer Berber Soepboer collaborated on this fabulous bit of Fashion DIY.

The "Colour-In" dress is a black and white graphic print dress that is actually sold with colored textile markers, so you can color in the pattern yourself.

Fifty dresses were produced in four different sizes and if, still available, they run 238 euros (without shipping).

The completed dress below was colored in by Michiel, but you can do yours any way you'd like:

Sizes in cm:
- A: chest 81,6 cm, waist 58,4 cm, base width 164,8 cm
- B: chest 89,6 cm, waist 66,4 cm, base width 172,8 cm
- C: chest 97,6 cm, waist 74,4 cm, base width 180,8 cm
- D: chest 105,6 cm, waist 82,4 cm, base width 188,8 cm
and in inches:
- A: chest 32.1 in., waist 23 in., base width 64.9 in.
- B: chest 35.3 in., waist 26.1 in., base width 68 in.
- C: chest 38.4 in., waist 29.3 in., base width 71.2 in.
- D: chest 41.6 in., waist 32.4 in., base width 74.3 in.

Order a dress by sending an email to mentioning your name, address, number and size.

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