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More Luxury Bike Helmets From Ruby Atelier, Now With Matching Scarves.

Clockwise from upper left; Karl Lagerfeld scarf, Sponge Bob Scarf, Eley Kishimoto scarf and Honet scarf.

I've written about the stunning designs of Les Atelier Ruby motorcycle helmets before, but now these few and new special editions have a fashionable accessory as well. The special edition luxury motorcycle helmets for Ruby Atelier by Karl Lagerfeld, Eley Kishimoto, Honet and Sponge Bob also have matching silk twill scarves you can purchase.

The Pavillon Tweed Helmet by Karl Lagerfeld of CHANEL is limited to 100 editions and costs $1800.00. The matching Karl Lagerfeld silk twill scarf will run you $210.00:

The Sponge Bob helmet is one of the most fun ways you can protect your brain matter. Limited to 200 copies of the cartoon character helmet, the price on this one is $1200.00. Matching Sponge Bob silk twill scarf is $180.00:

Belvedere helmet by Eley Kishomoto (Wakako Kishimoto and Mark Eley) sells for $1350.00 and the Eley Kishimoto silk twill scarf can be yours for $180.00:

And lastly, their special edition helmet by Graffiti artist Honet also has a matching Honet silk twill scarf ($180.00):

Purchase the Ruby Ateleier scarves, special edition helmets or design your own here.

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