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Cuddle Up In Modern Art. New Religion Cashmere Blanket By Damien Hirst.

New Religion Blanket, Damien Hirst, 2010
Wanna cuddle up with some modern art? This blanket by artist Damien Hirst features icons from his New Religion series and is large enough for a double bed.

Made in conjunction with Other Criteria, the luxury blanket is 100% cashmere, made in Scotland on a Jacquard loom and finished by hand. Each has a purled fringe and 2 New Religion labels.

Using techniques similar to those used 150 years ago, fabric and colour are built up in layers and given clarity and depth by the use of soft, pure Scottish water and cloth woven from the finest of fibres. Part of the finishing process involves air-drying and paper-pressing the blankets to ensure a lustrous surface.

materials: 100% cashmere with purled fringe, made on jacquard loom and finished with two hand-made labels
dimensions: 1470 x 1830 mm
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