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Shoes Inspired by Clerks, QuickStop and 37: Kevin Smith Designs A Kicks Collection For Etnies.

above: three new pairs of kicks inspired by Kevin Smith's Clerks for Etnies; Clerks, Quick Stop and 37.

The action apparel and footwear company Etnies revealed some very fun new Kevin Smith -inspired sneakers at the 2010 Comic Con show.

Kevin Smith, the writer, director and star of the 1994 cult flick Clerks -and the guy who was 'too fat' to fly in recent news- teamed up with skater and surfer brand Etnies for three new fun pairs of kicks inspired by his hit movie.

Jay & Silent Bob Got Sole.

above: a still from Clerks featuring Jason Mewes (Silent Bob) and Kevin Smith (Jay)

above: Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes strike a pose as their characters Jay and Silent Bob, at Comic Con

One of the pairs of shoes feature Kevin Smith and co-star Jason Mewes on the soles and the movie's logotype on the shoes.

The other two Kevin Smith-inspired pairs also refer to the film Clerks. The yellow say "Quick Stop Groceries" on the heel, a reference to the convenience store in the movie.

The red pair has the number "37" on it referencing this funny and memorable scene from the movie:

The Quik Stop kicks and the 37 kicks:
Presented as an enticing giveway at Comic Con, the shoes will be produced and available for sale at Etnies soon (date not yet announced.)

In addition to the sneakers, tee-shirts with Kevin's own photo poking good-natured fun at himself, accompanied by the phrase "Too Phat To Fly" in white and heather grey will also be available.  

all images courtesy of Etnies, their blog, their flickr photos and their facebook page.

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