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Gauche Protocol - Typographic Scarves Made From Army Surplus.

An advertising Art Director and Copywriter have just started their own fashion label, with type and a twist.

German-born copywriter Annette Spörel has collaborated with Catalan graphic designer/art director Saül Serradesanferm (both shown above) to start an interesting unisex fashion accessory label named GAUCHE PROTOCOL. The Barcelona-based brand is dedicated to sourcing new and recycled army surplus and transforming it through the application of text.

They have begun the line with seven 100% wool scarves whose patterns are printed snippets of conversation. Produced in limited editions of 300 each, the scarves can be worn by men or women and in numerous ways.

According to their website, their selection is made based on "a profound love for the written word and an intuitive sense for the popular, the unpopular and the workings of contemporary interpersonal communication". Sounds like advertising creatives to me :)

Claim Your Right To be Contemporary scarf:

Reach Out For The Greater Good scarf:

This Is Only The Beginning scarf:

As Long As It Looks Good scarf:

I Am Not Who you Are Looking For scarf:

I Don't Break Hearts

I Don't Know scarf:

Scarves are just the beginning... belts, bags and other items will be added to the collection soon.

2018 UPDATE: Sadly, GAUCHE PROTOCOL scarves are no longer in business
•HAMPTONS, Passeig del Born 24 (Born), Barcelona, Spain
•SUSPECT, Passatge del Crèdit 8 (Gòtic), Barcelona, Spain
•THEGOMEZ, Bulevard Rosa, Local 10, Passeig de Gràcia 55-57 (Eixample), Barcelona, Spain
•DOBLE A, C/ Fuencarral 45, Madrid, Spain
•LABORATORIO CAPRI, Via Ignazio Cerio 6, Capri, Italy

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