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Hats Off To Thom Browne and Stephen Jones For Some Seriously Strange Headwear.

Thom Browne's menswear collection for Fall Winter 2014 is both sartorial and satirical, to say the least. Ragged edge plaids, giant fat silhouette suits and autumnal leaf camo face make-up are topped off, literally, by unusual grey flannel and plaid hats and headgear in the shapes of animals. Rabbits as top hats, masks, caps and eyepatches, elephant heads, badger and frog caps, pinstripe bowlers as bears, hunting caps with antlers, driving caps with eyes and cage-like construction. There's even a Bear with a salmon in its mouth as a hat. Designed by Browne, the hats were made with the help of well-known milliner Stephen Jones.

Use The Force In An Entirely Different Way. Star Wars Sex Toys.

The designs were created in a galaxy far, far away by Hungarian artist Balázs Sármai, who gained intergalactic attention this past August with a similar creation (shown below), in which sex toys were re-imagined as characters from the Hollywood blockbuster “The Avengers.”

His newest collection of imagined vibrators are based on LELO products.

Lord Vader Force Powered Vibrator:

R2D2 Personal Massager:

Stormtrooper Couples Massager:

C-3PO G Spot Vibrator:

These conceptual designs were based on LELO products. If you are interested you can check them out:

Lord Vader is a LELO SMART WAND
C-3PO is a LELO GIGI 2
R2-D2 is a LELO ALIA
and the Stormtrooper is a LELO IDA

Designer and artist Balázs Sármai:

Thanks to both LELO and Balázs Sármai for the info and images.

Bold and Bizarre In Black & White - The 2014 SS Collection from Japan's ANREALAGE.

The newest collection from ANREALAGE just debuted at Tokyo Fashion Week. The 2014 Spring Summer collection takes classic black and white patterns like buffalo check, herringbone, stripes, plaids and pinstripes and plays with scale. Enlarging and minimizing the familiar designs in stark black and white (with a little pale yellow, light blue and ecru), they are paired with crisp white blouses and sheers. The layered fashions include lots of knee-length pants, long dresses and jackets, both long and short. Belted Jackets and buttoned dresses are shown along with Pagliacci clown-like blouses, but it's the bizarre accessories that made this collection stand out on the runway: cage-like face masks and inflatable shoes that look like hospital booties from the front.

WWD reports that "the real drama came midway through the show, when three models in shapeless black dresses were raised above the runway on an elevated platform, at which point their garments seemed to magically gather and shrink into minidresses. (It’s still unclear just how Morinaga pulled it off.) This trick was then repeated on several more looks, turning a black jersey sack into a chicly draped and ruched dress and oversize nightshirtlike pieces into minidresses with asymmetric gathers."

The video of the runway show:

About the brand:
ANREALAGE is a combination of words of "A REAL(daily), UNREAL(unordinary) and AGE(an era)."  Designer Kunihiko Morinaga was born in Tokyo in 1980 and is a Graduate of the Waseda University and Vantan Design Academy. He pursues the values in making clothes under the concept of "God is in the details". In 2003, he launched his own brand "ANREALAGE."

In 2005, Kunihiko Morinaga won the Avan-Garde Grand Prix at Gen Art in New York, a contest held in NewYork for new young designers. In 2006, he presented the first runway collection at the large observation platform in Tokyo Tower with the brand of Keisuke Kanda. In 2009 the brand presented a collection uner the theme of ''○△□'', conversion of the most basic symbols into clothes. Soon, ANREALAGE found its own characteristics and followed with the collections'"凹凸" "Silhouette" "wideshortslimlong" "LOW" (a low resolution pixelated collection) and "SHELL."

In 2011, They opened its flagship store in Harajuku, Tokyo. Morinaga also won The 29th of Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix for the best new designer and the Shiseido incentive award.

images courtesy of fashionsnap

Mammaries To Build Your Muscles. Introducing Breast-Shaped Kettlebells.

You might have seen an image of these floating around the web and asked yourself if they were real. While not real breasts, they are a real product. The 306 Communication Agency in the Ukraine has designed and begun marketing cast iron dumbbells in the shape of a pair of breasts.

The kettlebells, which are said to soon be available in sporting goods retail stores (albeit I have no idea which countries), are available in three different weights:16kg, 24kg and 32kg and three different finishes.

The Kiev-based advertising, branding and design agency says "they were designed to increase male interest in sports."

Initially designed to have the female names Lolita, Monica and Pamela, it appears they are now merely calling them S (small), M (medium) and L (large).

above: a piece of direct mail touting the new product shows them in three different finishes (a matte black, high gloss silver and high gloss gold).

above: A manufactured prototype of the kettlebell (size m) for the castings made of natural iron.

Note: Ads of The World and Coloribus referred to the product as Bob-boobs, when showcasing the direct mail piece. But I did not found them named as that on the company website.

Advertising Agency: 306 Creative Communication Agency, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Director: Stas Boyko
Art Director: Andrey Chernenko
3D: Yaroslav Litovchenko
Released: August 2013

WTF? A Blackberry Flavored Energy Drink With Gold Flakes In Lieu of Sugar.

Launched early in 2013, WTF? is an original flavored water-based energy drink made with gold flakes instead of sugar. Manufactured in Germany, the Blackberry flavored water comes from Germany's Rhön nature park.

The name is a giggle and the packaging is gorgeous, from the bottle and hang tag to the case. They have even garnered an award for their website design.

The sugar free drink contains carbonated water, Blackberry extract, Ginseng, Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Gold Flakes, 0.4% Taurin and 0.03% Caffeine

You can purchase individual bottles, a case of nine bottles or 9 cases (a pallet) here at their online store.

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