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Eternal Helium Balloons By Clémentine Henrion Immortalize Childhood.

2013 update: Since this post, Clementine has closed down her etsy store and ceased her creation of these whimsical sculptures to focus on other projects. She now has an online boutique here.

Original post:
As a child, ever wanted your helium balloon to last forever? Never to be accidentally whisked away by the wind or to deflate sadly over time?

Well, 30 year old Paris-based stylist, illustrator and set designer Clémentine Henrion did and that's why she designed the Eternal Helium Balloon, a sculpture that looks just like a helium balloon, but will last forever.

As Clémentine describes them:
"Helium Eternal balloons are proposed as interior design furniture, but also as set design collections for photo shootings, stores windows, showrooms, etc. 
This “illusion” of an helium balloon is entirely made of precious or fancy fabric.

The balloon is stuffed with kapok, like a soft pillow. 
A tiny flap fixed at the top of the balloon helps hanging it to your interior’s ceiling, hook it to a curtain rod, the top of a wall etc.

The key thing is to hang it up as high as possible, in order to recreate the magic illusion of a real flying helium balloon!
The most beautiful effect is obtained in setting a bunch of several balloons together, forming a “balloons bouquet”.

All these pieces are delicately handmade in my own workshop in Paris, in limited edition. Special custom shapes can also be created on request."







If you want a special request, you can contact her here

Otherwise, you can find these charming Eternal Helium Balloons at the following places:
•Her Etsy store
•CITE nyc (New York)
•Madame LaMarchande
•Mercredi (Belgium)
•Third Drawer Down (Australia)
•KolKid (Canada)

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