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Lufdesigns Brings Nature & Whimsy To Efficient & Ecological Design.

Tsunho Wang and his firm Lufdesign began as a product development company in Seoul, Korea in 2002. Wang and his designers have since moved into a conceptual approach, sustainable innovation and new ways to approach branding.

above left: Tsunho Wang of Lufdesign, and right: The infiniti headphones, a recent design concept

Nilfish, lufdesign’s brand, develops various technologcal and organizational products through collaborating with rising designers from outside.

Having received several awards for their innovations and wonderful design concepts like; the melding of a trash can and dust bin, a flying stick camera, the Saver clip which displays the amount of energy being wasted, and a wind-chime that can be programmed to emit data and nature sounds, they are now selling two of their products directly via their site.

The DustPan+Bin and Flying Stick Camera concepts:

The "Saver Clip" concept won them a 2007 Red Dot Design Award:

Concept for the Wind-Bell:

So what have they produced and how do you get them?

The Leaf Tie, a cute and effective way to add nature to the ordinarily cold concept of cable management, actually donates a portion of their proceeds to ecological conservation.

Sold in a pack of 12, the leaf ties are available in six attractive colors and look cute added to just about anything:

The leaf tie has spawned such consumer love and loyalty, there's even a flickr pool for user's photos here.

The Fork And Cream Sauce is another clever cable management design, a large portion of whose proceeds benefit Save The Children.

Both the Leaf Ties and The Fork and Cream Sauce are available directly from their site via paypal.

121-835, 323, Seoul Design Studio, 3th fl,
DMC HI_TECH Industry Center, 1580, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel 82 2 3153 7263, Mobile 82 10 2785 3807,

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