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Bionic Skulls Series by Roberto + Colleen Crivello For Botanist

Over two years ago, I introduced my readers to the Designer Series of Botanist Benches in a post titled Botanist Designer Series: Benches That Give Back. Each designed by a different internationally renowned designer and whose proceeds benefited various charities.

Since then the company has increased their collection by adding clocks, lanterns and trays by various designers and again, part of the proceeds go to various charitable organizations.

One of the collections, the Bionic Skulls Series by Roberto + Colleen Crivello, benefits the Scleroderma Society of Ontario and features graphic skulls and line art similar to classic pinstriping.

Bionic Clocks (16L x 16W in) :

Bionic Lanterns, available in small, medium or large:

Bionic Trays (available in small or large):

The objects are made of powder coated steel and the trays and lanterns both have clear silicone feet to protect surfaces. Each item also features the authentic signature medallion.

More information about the Bionic Skulls for Botanist as well as many other collections can be found here.

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