Advertising Concept For Cartier Combines Luxury With Violence.

A simple photographic juxtaposition of fine jewelry items by Cartier with a ball and chain (which has the wonderful double entendre given that it's a wedding band), a hand grenade, and explosives is a twist on the traditional and boring way that most fine jewelry items are presented in advertising and marketing.

"Weapon Jewelry" is another interesting concept from Diddo Velema (who goes by the moniker " Diddo" on his blog) that combines luxury with images of violence.

The ads as they would appear, if Cartier had the guts to run them:

This is not the first time the art director and media designer has combined luxury brand icons with images reminiscent of destruction. I previously blogged about his project in which he created Luxury Couture Gas Masks:

Diddo Velema creates branding and advertising ideas for freelance and personal projects in his Amsterdam studio and has an art direction and media design site in addition to his blog.


jon said...

peter gronquist should have been mentioned here....and charles kraft while we are at it :-)

Laura Sweet said...

Actually, both those artists and their works have already been written about on this blog.

I long ago did a story on Peter Gronquist's luxury guns ( and Charles Kraft's ceramics have been mentioned in other articles one here.

I think it's very common for several artists to have similar ideas and executions without necessarily being aware of one another.

If I were to mention all potential influence and/or similar artists each time I blogged about someone's work, the posts would never end.

I can assure you both Peter Gronquist and Charles Kraft were far from the first artists to combine weapons with fashion or luxury. I'm sure the list goes on and on. But you do know your contemporary artists!

Anonymous said...

If you really want to mention the first artist that
created branded / fashion weapons it's Antonio Riello

Laura Sweet said...

Ahhh, very nice find!
Love those. May have to blog about them, too. Any chance you know what year they were created, though?

Because I'm sure he's not the first, either :)

Laura Sweet said...

I discovered that Antonio began making his "ladies weapons" in 1998. There's enough artists out there doing this to have an entirely separate blog :)

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.