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La Perla Lingerie Bustier Chairs For De Ponte Studios & SensoReal.

above: Lingerie brand La Perla's Feather Bustier Chair for Sensoreal

A collaborative project between La Perla and the De Ponte Studio (an architectural and lighting design studio) resulted in an unusual environment in which a collection of furniture designs incorporating La Perla's sexy lingerie were displayed. The following pieces were designed to be showcased as part of a this special sensory laden environment, SensoReal, designed for Salone del Mobile 2010.

Silk Bustier Chair and Lace Bustier Chair:

Tulle Bustier Chair and Satin Bustier Chair:

Metal Lace vis-à-vis Bench, which incorporates the metallic fretwork from La Perla's garter belt:

Metal Lace Garter Sofa:

As the Bustier chairs and Lace Garter-inspired sofa appeared at Sensoreal:

More about SensoReal:
Silvio De Ponte of De Ponte Designs joined the 49th edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile, presenting a project of sensorial architecture where matter, light, sound and scent turn into stimulus capable of altering the perceptive space.

The SensoReal project harmoniously integrated into the sensual context of La Perla’s showroom, becoming an integral part of this emotional scenery. A combination of shapes, surfaces and colors gave life to a urban landscape where there was no limit between architecture, space and design.

An environment devoid of hardness and edges, an elastic space, dynamic, where light became physical/tangible matter. The visitors were able to submerge into the different areas interacting with the luminescent surfaces and with the innovative seating system represented by horizontal plans in which it is possible to sit in different height levels, small hideouts where one can huddle up, horizontal environments to climb over, supporting surfaces and hybrid places to meet up and exchange different experiences.

Settings were created in which design, body, matter, water and nature integrated with each other according to an eco-sustainable concept of the artificial environment. The scenery that presented itself to the eyes of the visitors was a “soft” and light habitat where it was possible to move in balance between aesthetic and technology.

Inside the exhibition area some of La Perla’s creations will be presented reinterpreted by a new design perspective and through this creative process will adopt a new meaning and a new function.

Starting from the archetypal shape of a chair, new seating concepts were created, the Bustier Chairs, in which the backrest becomes protagonist incorporating some of the scenographic corsages from La Perla’s collection. New life also for the metallic fretworked garter belt, one of the most scenographic pieces from La Perla’s Black Label collection, which will become a suggestive vis-à-vis bench (these pieces are all shown at the beginning of the post).

images and info courtesy of fourisalone, de Ponte studios and La Perla

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