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Meet Mr. Spray, Shepard Fairey's First Vinyl Figurine in 11 Years.

Mr. Spray is a brand new collectible vinyl figure designed by internationally renowned artist Shepard Fairey in collaboration with StrangeCo. The first original vinyl figure designed by Fairey in 11 years, he reappropriated the anthropomorphized spray can in 2004 from an original 1950's advertising character.

Mr. Spray is available in four color editions:

  • BLACK - limited to 350 pieces.
  • RED - limited to 350 pieces.
  • GOLD - limited to 200 pieces. OBEY special edition, release information forthcoming.
  • SILVER - limited to 100 pieces.

The BLACK and the RED version are limited to 350 pieces and are already sold out at Strange Co! But can presently be purchased at Colette. Buy Red or Black Mr. Spray here. Or check these retailers.

The little guy isn't so little, he stands 11 inches tall. And comes in a cool illustrated box. And yes, it includes the mini OBEY stencil he's holding in his hands.

Strange Co.
Shepard Fairey's bio

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